Thursday 31 December 2020

2020, a year I mostly would like to forget about. But I won't forget its music. So here's a top 10.

1. Fontaines DC - A Hero's Death play in spotify
2. Working Men's Club - Working Men's Club play in spotify
3. Apneu - Silvester play in spotify
4. Deftones - Ohms play in spotify
5. The Homesick - The Big Excercise play in spotify
6. Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela - Rejoice play in spotify
7. Lewsberg - In This House play in spotify
8. JARV IS - Beyond The Pale play in spotify
9. Protomartyr - Ultimate Success Today play in spotify
10.Canshaker Pi - Okay Decay play in spotify

This has been the last post on this blog in English. I started this blog many years ago and wanted to reach out to as many as possible. However now I feel it restricts me from really writing the way I want to. Also I often write about local music and bands that won't mean anything to people outside The Netherlands. Sometimes it feels really weird writing about them in English. So for everyone that has been following my blog and can't read Dutch: thank you for reading and maybe Google translate can help you out in the future.
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