Wednesday 31 August 2016

Sniffing The Grass: An ITGWO 2016 Warmup

This year the summer saved the best for last, which also seems to go for the festival season. We’re returning to that lush little island for another edition of the Into The Great Wide Open festival and it promises to be a busy one.

The programmers of the festival must have some sadistic side to them. They have packed the dazzling and versatile line-up so chuck full of amazing acts, that I hardly know where to start. And this year we’re going to overdose on Belgium’s Balthazar, who are planning to disappear for a while after this summer. They played the festival before but are now playing it again, twice! And some of its members are also going solo, so why not let them all play as well?


We dive in right away on the first day when the festival takes off immediately with some interesting music.

The duo Bombay Show Pig reincarnated as a trio with two new members to stand by remaining original member Mathias Janmaat and with a new album Show Yout Teeth. Exciting and wilful indie rock.
One of the Balthazar spin offs and the project of Simon Casier, bass player for the Belgian band. Guitar driven melodies that kind of remind of The Strokes’ soft side.
Of course you have to see the Belgian band themselves at least once this weekend before they go on a hiatus for a while. So why not go see them when they team up with Cordette Quartet, with Balthazar's own Patricia Vanneste, for a stripped down Balthazar? Not sure what that means, but sounds good to me!

Also: the intriguing and vintage sound of Crying Boys Cafe and the live soundtrack to Martha Colburn’s visuals by Jacco Gardner and cellist Helena Espvall.


Today is loaded with great music which makes it so hard to make the right choices.

1.King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
This big Australian band just about tears any place up they play with out of control psychedelic rockers that will make your head spin
Not sure what it is exactly but it's yummy. Big grooves with drones, electronic beats, mysterious singing all bundled into occasional wild outbursts. Prepare to get your mind blown.
Another Balthazar solo project, this time from Maarten Devoldere. A few songs are already available online and promise dark and sultry music. Great to start a hot summer's night.

Also: Amsterdam slacker garage rockers Canshaker Pi, Balthazar’s J. Bernardt will reveal his solo work and Balthazar themselves will prove once more why they are allowed to take over over the festival this year.


Today I need to be cloned a few times to be able to see everything that is happening today.

1.Mozes and the Firstborn
The boys from the south are back with a new album and ready to rock your world again. Expect swinging and wild rock songs that will split your head.
2.Bixiga 70
Brazilian band that mixes their local roots with African music that will make it impossible to stand still. Note to myself: bring dancing shoes.
3.Conjunto Papa Upa
60s and 70s style psychedelic afrosurf, which packs a lot of things that I simply cannot resist.

Also: my favourite Afro beat band Jungle by Night will turn the place into a dancing hall, Klangstof with their light and melodic indie pop songs, Amber Arcades' dreamy pop tunes and Remy van Kesteren showing his harp skills.


The last day of the festival always has a shorter program which is good so I can kick back a bit.

1.Baloji & L’Orchestre De La Katuba
Congolese rumba, hiphop, afrobeat, soul. Hello! Say no more! You already had me at “Congolese”.
2.Rag ‘N’ Bone Man
The big man looks like the singer of a hardcore punk band but will impress with intense soul music, reaching out to share his deepest thoughts and feelings.
A bit too much falsetto for me, but undeniably a band to see live and experience their warm country soul songs first hand.

Also: Isaac Gracie is bringing a mix of Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. Palace is playing bluesy guitar pop which sounds great to enjoy in the sun.

Years of festival experience tell that it will be impossible to realize these schedules but it can't hurt to try. Or maybe it will.
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Monday 29 August 2016

Amsterdam Woods Festival 2016 Saturday

Last year was the first edition of Amsterdam Woods, a small scale and cozy two day festival in the big Amsterdamse Bos park. It turned out to be a wonderful and relaxed festival with nice food, people and a balanced line-up with something for everyone. I really didn't want to miss this year's second edition.

Amsterdam Woods Saturday at Amsterdamse Bos, August 27 2016

Unfortunately this year the festival takes place on a Friday and Saturday and the first day proves to be too difficult for me to attend. Instead I settle for just the second day. Like last year the weather is glorious, so we hop on our bikes and ride them through the labyrinth that this huge park is. In the end we get there and find ourselves sipping a first cold beer at the first performance of the day.

Kurt Rosa
The tiny "spruit" stage that supports new and upcoming bands hosts the first band of the day. Kurt Rosa is one of those bands that are working hard to make it to the top. They won a band competition and are on the rise on their way to stardom. Their rock music is quite catchy and some songs sound really good. Especially when the band picks it up a notch and lets the guitars scream. Barefooted and in surf shorts the band gives it all on this hot start of the day.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Jo Goes Hunting
A totally different kind of music can be heard on the stage at the large willow tree. Drummer and singer Jimmi Jo Hueting may look familiar as he is the younger brother of De Staat's Rocco. Their music is different though, which is a mix of indie rock and electronics with a heavy use of samples and effects. Sometimes the sound is more guitar driven but at other times it has a lighter touch. Hueting is looking very confident on stage and the band plays an intriguing show. I'll definitely will be watching them from now on.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Something looks different on stage today for psych rockers PAUW. It turns out half of the band got replaced and they now have a new keyboard player and bassist. It didn't really affect their music which is still wonderful to hear. However it's still early on this beautiful summer's day and this kind of psychedelic music thrives at its best in the dark. I also did see them in better shape before and today the band looks less focused and not very inspired. However with so many killer songs from their debut album Macrocosm Microcosm it is always good to see them play.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Desert Mountain Tribe
Another band that is at its best in a dark smoky club is Desert Mountain Tribe. However these guys definitely look inspired today and I am quite impressed with them again. This band has such a great sound, with those basic but effective pounding drums and bass. On top of that are the psychedelic vocals and guitar play of singer Jonty Balls who is completely into the moment. All of this is put through a bunch of killer effects to create a delightful big and heavy sound that sounds amazing on any size stage. I really hope this band will grow bigger to see them in larger venues.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Jeremy Loops
Another artist that makes heavy use of all kinds of effects is Jeremy Loops. He's one of those artists that can work magic with a loop station, samples and beats. It is quite effective and people love it. Of course it is great dance music with well chosen beats and grooves, but it is seems mostly aimed at that and I find the songs a bit too meagre. However it does do the job and makes for the first real party of the day.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Amber Arcades
We make it to Amber Arcades' show when they are already halfway their performance. The band is actually Annelotte de Graaf's project and she was able to create quite a buzz in our country with her album Fading Lines. Her music is of the dreamy kind, folky ballads with a light touch. It isn't really my cup of tea but it's well performed and this is a great stage to dream away with her.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Daniel Norgren
We see a bit of Liima performing with percussive electronic beats but decide this is not for us. When Phil Cook is playing his Americana and country songs we kind of hear it from a distance outside the tent, until it is time for my anticipated highlight of today: Swedish Americana singer-songwriter Daniel Norgren. He caught my attention a few years ago and simply never let go. Every time I hear his music it grabs me immediately. Today it's no different when he plays his songs with two fellow musicians on drums and double bass. The way his laid-back music slowly builds tension by patiently crafting a song is simply wonderful. He is using rests and he knows how to make his songs breath like no one else. Live on stage this is even more impressive when you see him perform, completely immersed in the music. With his band it gets a bit more rough and sometimes his guitar playing brings Neil Young to mind. Phil Cook also joins in for a short bit. All I can do is just watch in awe with an occasional lump in my throat.

Official Website | MySpace | YouTube | Spotify

Ultimate Painting
After this we watch Ultimate Painting under the big willow tree. By now the sun has set and darkness is falling over the festival site. It creates a magical atmosphere while gentle guitar music comes from the stage. The short rock songs are nice on the ears although it never gets really exciting. The band is staying in their comfort zone and are never really looking for adventure. This is alright though and fits this moment of the festival where a full day of beers and sun shine are kicking in.

Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Palmbomen II, a musical project by Kai Hugo, are closing the festival with danceable mix of electronic melodies and rhythms. People are dancing into the night while we finish a few more beers before we get lost in the woods again. But getting lost in the woods is exactly the point here. Just lose yourself in music on this wonderful little festival on a beautiful spot between the trees. Next year's edition is already marked in my calendar.

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Friday 26 August 2016

On Stage: Grandaddy @ Paradiso

After seeing nineties alternative rock favourites Grandaddy play the Pukkelpop festival it tasted like more. Fortunately the band was playing my home town and favourite venue only days after and I was ready for more of those sweet grungy songs.

Grandaddy at Paradiso Amsterdam, August 25 2016

The main hall of the venue is not completely full, which is a good thing since now I can find a fine spot and it's nice to have a bit of space around me in today's heat. After their show on Saturday it isn't a surprise any more what we will get. A big screen is hanging at the back to show the accompanying visuals and the changing images in between songs. Every song has its own visual which varies from changing colours, psychedelic patters and short videos that are ranging from artistic to plain funny.

The band is still in great shape and front man Jason Lytle's voice is clear. His high vocals together with the laid back sound give the music that warm and melancholic feeling. Tonight we are reminded again of how many great songs this band recorded. 'Laughing Stock' which builds up so nicely around the guitar and keyboard and then moves into a rocking grunge song. The wonderful 'The Crystal Lake' that sounds cheerful and sad at the same time. 'Stray Dog And The Chocolate Cake' with that catchy keyboard hook. And of course 'A.M. 180' that also has an irresistible keyboard hook that had us jumping up and down in the nineties.

By the looks of it the band is enjoying themselves as well and are genuinely happy with the enthusiastic response. Lytle still is the somewhat absentminded musician who can tell a story without finishing it only after a few sentences to continue playing. There's no better man for this job and he fits his music perfectly. We also get treated to a few new songs which reveal that not much has changed in the Grandaddy universe. And why should it, when your music still sounds so refreshing after twenty years?

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Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

01. Hewlett's Daughter
02. El Caminos in the West
03. Laughing Stock
04. The Crystal Lake
05. My Small Love
06. Levitz
07. Check Injin
08. Chartsengrafs
09. Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake
10. Disconnecty
11. A.M. 180
12. Now It's On
13. Way We Won't
14. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot
15. Fare Thee Not Well Mutineer
16. Summer Here Kids

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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Pukkelpop 2016 Saturday

The Lowlands festival has been on top of my festival list for many years and therefore their sister festival Pukkelpop in Belgium, that takes place in the same weekend, has always been a no-go. But since we gave Lowlands up a few year ago, we are now finally able to head down south and visit this festival in Kiewit for one day.

Pukkelpop Saturday at Kiewit Belgium, August 20 2016

The day starts out very smoothly and from our friends' house only half an hour away, it is a quick drive down to the parking lot. There we hop on a shuttle bus and find ourselves on the festival site sipping a Belgian lager within no time. The sun has come out as well, so we couldn't be off to a better start. We explore the site a bit and then go into one of the tents for the first show of the day.

Andre Brasseur & Band
Andre Brasseur is a Belgian organist and keyboard player that rose to fame in the sixties and seventies, mainly in his own country, although he had a few international hits most notably the song 'Early Bird'. The 76-year old musician may have started his second youth as he is looking very lively and enthusiastically behind his organ. The swinging rock, jazz and blues songs are a wonderful way to start the day. Brasseur has formed a good band around him who remain a bit on the background. Of course the star of the show is the old veteran himself, who is enjoying his festival appearance and the mostly young crowd.

Official Website | Facebook | Spotify

We get reacquainted with the British band VANT that we saw play the Best Kept Secret festival a few months ago. The lads look pretty good again and give it their best. It's still early so it's not really crowded in front of the stage. But the group doesn't let that get them down and play their catchy rock songs with a lot of heart. Maybe it's the relatively low turn up today or maybe I need to get into it a bit more myself, but their show looks less convincing this time and more played on routine. The band is working hard however and if they can keep going like this I guess things will work out for them in the end.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

Highly Suspect
The trio Highly Suspect is a band on the rise especially since they earned a few Grammy nominations last year. It's about time we get to know them a little better. Their music is a mix of hardrock and alternative and sometimes you can also hear a bit of grunge in there. The band is tight and also play in an intense way. Singer Johnny Stevens' voice isn't always to my liking but that's my personal taste. The three rockers play a convincing show in the end and are another band to watch.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

By then hardcore band Defeater have already started playing their set at a half full "The Shelter" stage. It's not bad what they are showing and some songs do sound pretty good. At those times the band is powerful and singer Derek Archambault is moving around the stage a lot. But his voice isn't very versatile and their songs do sound alike a lot.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

All Them Witches
We hear the sound check of All Them Witches and it sounds very promising. Their psychedelic and dark blues rock sounds very vintage from time to time. When I listened to their music I instantly liked it and it is convincing live on stage as well. I read about their growing live reputation and that doesn't prove itself today. The band looks solid but it isn't exactly an explosive show. It is nice enough to keep an eye out for in the future though but for now we leave to make sure we don't miss too much of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Because I know out of experience that this band's live reputation is very justified. Their last record Noganon Infinity blew me away as well so I simply had to see them play again. The seven piece band doesn't disappoint for a bit. It's an energetic long jam that almost doesn't stop, just like the record. The band simply doesn't let go and the two drummers keep the psychedelic trips going with full force. Singer Stu Mackenzie picks up his flute now and then to add an extra dimension to the psychedelic trip but especially when he's rocking his guitar the music is excelling. I love this band! The best thing is I get to see them again in two weeks time at the Into The Great Wide Open festival. Live is sweet! And shaped like a purple doughnut at the moment...

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

In the nineties I was pleasantly surprised with Grandaddy's music which now seems like a lifetime ago. I lost track of the band around Jason Lytle and when they split up, this kind of went passed me. They have reformed a few years ago and this is the first time I get to see them play again. Their spacy fuzzed out music takes me back twenty years again and I immediately remember why I like their music. It's the warm sounds of their music combined with some melancholy but with a very light edge. It's nice to see them again and I'm looking forward to their full show later this week.

Official Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Biffy Clyro
We get back to the main stage together with a wonderful Belgian "frietje stoofvlees" (fries with some kind of meat stew, simply delicious). Biffy Clyro have come a long way and their music evolved a lot. From quite complex rock songs they moved to a more mainstream sound with sometimes easy and simple sing-along lyrics. It has brought them a lot more fans and therefore I expected more people at their show. They are playing at the end of the afternoon on the main stage while, the weather has turned into full blown summer sun. The Scottish band always play with a lot of heart and that's not different today. Songs like 'Bubbles' and 'Black Chandelier' are still major crowd pleasers and the band sounds very tight as always. I don't really like the poppie songs that are aimed at teenage girls to sing along to, but their more powerful and rough songs are quite good.

Official Website | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

We hang around the main stage for a while, where more of those lovely Belgian beers follow. Then Bring Me The Horizon starts playing which turns out to be metal for teenagers who act like they are really tough. Moments later we find ourselves at Thrice, which would normally not be my top choice either. The emo hardcore band is playing a pretty solid show though. It's just that this is simply not my kind of rock music and I find it hard to stay focused. Somehow this type of rock music sounds all alike to me. Still not a bad way to kill some time with friends and a few cold beers.

Official Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

By now it's time for the toughest choice of the day. One of the reasons I wanted to come here this day, was because of LCD Soundsystem. But they are playing at the same time as Swedisch rock band Graveyard. I decide to stay for a few songs at the Graveyard show and am happy I did. The band is amazing and it's a shame I keep missing them when they play nearby. Their swamp blues sound is heavy and laid back and the band are always playing in a relaxed style. The short part that I see is very tight and it's hard to pull myself away from here.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace | YouTube | Spotify

LCD Soundsystem But by the time I make it to the main stage I'm really happy to see beloved LCD Soundsystem there, who rose from their ashes not too long ago. This disco punk rock band fronted by James Murphy, are always a delight to watch. I love their edgy and groovy songs with that rough wild side. Within no time I'm totally into their music and show again that is supported by a great light show and visuals. Of course the big disco ball is hanging above the band as well. The show is taking off slowly like a heavy machine speeding up, but once it rolls on full speed there's no way stopping it. By the time it is starting to rain no one cares at all and you can only keep on dancing. The set list is not a surprising one but does have all those great song on it. 'Daft Punk Is Playing At My House' is there of course and early in the set, but especially 'Turbulation', 'Yeah' and a vicious 'Dance Yrself Clean' do their job. 'Losing My Edge' couldn't be closer to the truth and 'All My Friends' ends their show in style. What a band!

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Spotify

One other highlight of the day should have been those genius Soulwax brothers, but it's a long journey to the Dancehall stage for us and by the time we get there it's packed of course. We stay outside and dance to the music while trying to catch a glimpse from what's going on inside. Their show is called "Soulwax Transient Program For Drums and Machinery" and I see two drummers high up in the air at either side of the stage and find out later there is a third one in the middle as well. Of course it's one big party in there and the two brother blend their music into one big rough funky disco party. It's a bit of a let down that we made it to the stage so late and couldn't get inside, but on the other hand we had a good time there.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Spotify

Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg
Now it's time to go out with a legend. Unfortunately the Ramones are no longer there since all members of the original line-up are jamming at the great gig in the sky. Marky Ramone was the drummer for the Ramones for a long time as well though and is the only surviving member of their most famous era. Now he's keeping their legacy alive as Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg and doing a great job at it. He found a fine bunch of friends to play with him including a very convincing Ken Stringfellow on vocals. It's great to hear all those classics like 'Rock n Roll Highschool', 'I Wanna Be Sedated', 'The KKK Took My Baby Away', 'Pet Sematary' and of course 'Blitzkrieg Bop'. This may be the closest you can get to what a Ramones show must have been like. I can try to write a long story about it, but it's better to just raise my fist and shout "Hey Ho! Let's Go!". What a way to end this day!

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

We celebrate a wonderful day at Pukkelpop with a couple of last beers before we head home in the same smooth way as we sailed in. This was a very good first time at this festival and we are already thinking about coming back next year for the full three days.

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Monday 15 August 2016

Last Night On Earth @ De Marktkantine

Remember those nights where you would go see some bands play good honest rock music and you would be out all night, getting shit faced? Yes, those nights where you would get home when it was already turning light again, the birds are singing and your ears were still ringing from the music. Exactly, there aren't so many of those nights left. Nowadays the bands start before 21.00 and by 23.00 has to stop so some DJ can take over. This is exactly what rock bands Death Alley and Shaking Godspeed thought as well and therefore came up with the Last Night On Earth festival.

Last Night On Earth at De Marktkantine Amsterdam, August 12 2016

The idea is simple: get a few bands together, start at 23.00 and see who is still standing at 05.00. The thought behind is great: give us old timers a night where we can relive those crazy nights again with great bands, cold beers and party like there's no tomorrow and give a younger generation the chance to experience it as well. To make things even better, the event is at De Marktkantine which is only a short crawl away from where I live.

Of course Death Alley and Shaking Godspeed are playing themselves, but they also got zZz to join them. Peter Pan Speedrock will play their last show in Amsterdam and to spice things up a bit more, beat poet Joshua Baumgarten will be the glue between the band. By the way, there's a boxing ring as well.

There's no time schedule so we make sure we are there right from the start. We down a few beers, explore the venue a bit and wait for the first band to kick it off. Shaking Godspeed are the ones to start and play a very tight set. They had to say goodbye to their drummer Maarten Rischen but found a great replacement in Ruben van Asselt. Recently the band released a new album Rumspringa where they worked together with music theatre group Orkater and recorded all songs in Dutch. The language may be different but the music is still undeniably Shaking Godspeed. If powerful, groovy rock tracks full of twists and turns and endless boogying doesn't get you going, what will?

Next up are Death Alley while by now the venue has completely filled up. Later singer Douwe Truijens will tell us that the night has sold out, which is great news. The band play a great blend of classic hard rock with psychedelic influences, which means that you can hear songs that remind of Black Sabbath followed by Pink Floyd style jams. Fists are in the air and the band turn the hall into a sweaty beer drenched rock cave.

It looks like this is the highlight for many people since it gets less crowded after their performance. That's not a problem, since that is part of the idea. It's all about partying until your head falls off and you simply have to go home to your bed. At the end, only a few people will be left. In between bands we stroll around the venue, watch a few boxing matches where people are actually hitting each other pretty hard.

By now the stage is being prepared for zZz who have something special up their sleeves, however the change over takes longer than needed. Shaking Godspeed singer and guitarist Wout Kemkens is joining them and the three of them play the best zZz songs where Kemkens is adding psychedelic effects on his guitar. Unfortunately it's not the best zZz show that I've seen and the songs sound a bit messy. I'm not sure if that's because of the experiment with the extra guitar or just because maybe it's not their night. Or maybe it's simply the late hour for everyone. Because of the late start it looks like their set has to be cut short.

By now the number of people has grown smaller and smaller. I'm left all by myself now as well and decide to call it a night too, despite Peter Pan Speedrock's last show. I'm sorry guys but we really need the younger generation to take it over from us. It's still dark when I walk home and no birds are singing yet, but still this was a great night and one of the best ways to experience rock music. Hopefully this will be a returning event and next to Sleazefest and Klikofest it would be a welcoming addition.

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Tuesday 9 August 2016

New Sounds: Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits

Busy bee John Dwyer has finished another Thee Oh Sees album A Weird Exits. It's the follow up to last year's Mutilator Defeated At Last and the first one to feature the two drummers Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon. Together with bassist Tim Hellman, this is the band he has been playing live with for a while now. A few weeks ago they released the live album Live In San Francisco. It's gotta be nice to have your own record label. Listen to the new LP below:

Official Website | SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

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Monday 8 August 2016

On Stage: Tony Allen @ Paradiso Tolhuistuin

The Dekmantel festival is a yearly festival for electronic music on a beautiful location in Amsterdam, the huge Amsterdamse Bos park. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but the festival is renowned for having a cutting edge program. This year they have a series of opening shows around town and to my surprise one of them featured Tony Allen. Needles to say I wanted to go there.

Tony Allen, Dekmantel opening show at Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, August 4 2016

The Nigerian drummer and afrobeat inventor is one of my favourite musicians and to see and hear him live is a delight. He's turning 76 in a few days, but is still going strong. It's the same band that I saw play a few times before, the last time in Barcelona at Primavera Sound a year ago. The band starts off a bit slow and so does the crowd. It looks like both have to get used to each other. It is maybe a different crowd than the band is used to and the people here may also not go see a band like this a lot.

In the end the people visiting this festival besides dancing to DJs and electronic music and partying, have an open mind to music. That's something you can leave to Tony Allen who likes to see the people dance. His grooves and afrobeat music are perfect for it, so it doesn't take long for people to start shaking it. It's always wonderful to see this master play the drums. His light touch, his subtle playing and his irresistible grooves are unique. He doesn't stick to just regular afrobeat, but you can hear he's also exploring his possibilities and keeps developing his sound.

The rest of the band get enough room to play as well and we get treated to some nice horns, keyboard and guitar solos. At the end of the show Amp Fiddler joins the party as well and this show is now getting really hot. Allen himself is looking pleased too, with a big smile on his face. Unfortunately this show was only scheduled for an hour, so by the time everyone is on fire it's time to close up. Hopefully I will get to see this wonderful musician many times to come.

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