Friday 26 August 2016

On Stage: Grandaddy @ Paradiso

After seeing nineties alternative rock favourites Grandaddy play the Pukkelpop festival it tasted like more. Fortunately the band was playing my home town and favourite venue only days after and I was ready for more of those sweet grungy songs.

Grandaddy at Paradiso Amsterdam, August 25 2016

The main hall of the venue is not completely full, which is a good thing since now I can find a fine spot and it's nice to have a bit of space around me in today's heat. After their show on Saturday it isn't a surprise any more what we will get. A big screen is hanging at the back to show the accompanying visuals and the changing images in between songs. Every song has its own visual which varies from changing colours, psychedelic patters and short videos that are ranging from artistic to plain funny.

The band is still in great shape and front man Jason Lytle's voice is clear. His high vocals together with the laid back sound give the music that warm and melancholic feeling. Tonight we are reminded again of how many great songs this band recorded. 'Laughing Stock' which builds up so nicely around the guitar and keyboard and then moves into a rocking grunge song. The wonderful 'The Crystal Lake' that sounds cheerful and sad at the same time. 'Stray Dog And The Chocolate Cake' with that catchy keyboard hook. And of course 'A.M. 180' that also has an irresistible keyboard hook that had us jumping up and down in the nineties.

By the looks of it the band is enjoying themselves as well and are genuinely happy with the enthusiastic response. Lytle still is the somewhat absentminded musician who can tell a story without finishing it only after a few sentences to continue playing. There's no better man for this job and he fits his music perfectly. We also get treated to a few new songs which reveal that not much has changed in the Grandaddy universe. And why should it, when your music still sounds so refreshing after twenty years?

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01. Hewlett's Daughter
02. El Caminos in the West
03. Laughing Stock
04. The Crystal Lake
05. My Small Love
06. Levitz
07. Check Injin
08. Chartsengrafs
09. Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake
10. Disconnecty
11. A.M. 180
12. Now It's On
13. Way We Won't
14. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot
15. Fare Thee Not Well Mutineer
16. Summer Here Kids

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