Friday 27 February 2009

Thx Johan for 12,5 years of great music

Johan in de Kleine Komedie Amsterdam, 27 February 2009 (Ronald says 5 out of 5)

Johan is a Dutch band and has been around for 12,5 years so it was time for a celebration. And therefore they started on a theater tour playing songs from their three albums. That's not a lot for 12,5 years but all three are little gems.

Singer Jacco de Greeuw has a beautiful unique voice and the vocal harmonies with guitar player Maarten Kooijman are sublime. They play their songs chronologically and this only confirms how strong they are. All the songs still sound fresh and not out dated and not one feels out of place. It feels a bit weird to be listening to a band in a theater without holding a nice beer and not being able to dance a bit. On the other hand it's really cool to be able to really listen to their music, watch the band members closely and really enjoy one of the best, unique and most interesting bands of the Netherlands. Looking forward to their new album "4" that will be released in May.

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