Sunday 29 March 2009

Nothing bad on the horizon for U2

U2 - No Line on the Horizon (Ronald Says 4 out of 5)
U2's new album has been out now for a few weeks and I had the chance to give it a proper listen. After all this years are the Irish super band still able to impress and surprise?

Since "Achtung Baby" they haven't really produced an album that was outstanding. The production of "No Line On The Horizon" wasn't really a walk in the park. They started out with star producer Rick Rubin but unhappy with the results they started over with their usual producer duo Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Listening to their first single "Get On Your Boots" may give you the impression that this time again nothing spectacular was produced. But a proper listen of the album learns that the other songs are actually a lot better.

The opening track that carries the same title as the album has a sort of dramatic sound to it. But it illustrates that this time they have found a good balance between their old sound and new influences. Songs like "Magnificent", "Stand Up Comedy" and "FEZ - Being Born" promise to be great stadium songs and will definitely sound massive in their upcoming 360 tour. Other songs sound intimate and fragile like "White As Snow". But most of all it all sounds very U2. The Edge puts his signature riffs and solos on the steady basis of rhythm section Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton. And of course Bono's unmistakable voice. In an interview in Rolling Stone Larry Mullen Jr. said "of course it can't go on forever" meaning that he'd rather stop when they're still on top of it all and U2 is actually still meaningful. With this album they will definitely stay on top for a few more years.

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