Friday 7 August 2009

Dr. Funkenstein's Practice Open to Anyone

George Clinton is one of those artists that you just have to see once in your life. And better late than never so I finally got to see him in Eindhoven.

George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic in the Effenaar Eindhoven, August 1 2009 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)

Well it's fair to say his best years are behind him but you can't blame him. He's well into his sixties and not as vivid as he used to be. So he kind of restricts himself to direct the other band members and tries to control the many people on stage. That's how a George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic night is anyway: many people hopping on and off the stage in a seemingly disorganized performance. But when you look closer it's all pretty good controlled. And it should otherwise it would definitely end up in a mess but exept for a bit of a rough start the set continues in an orderly matter.

The band consists of some long time members like Garry Shider (Diaper Man) and Michael Hampton and some newly added members that probably change a lot as well. Some people only perform maybe on a couple of songs, others are there most of the time. They play many of the styles that Clinton has touched upon with both Parliament and Funkadelic: funk, soul, rock, blues, it's all there making it a varying show. Most of the vocalists get their part in the spot light and show their stuff but the horns and Michael Hampton leave the biggest impression on me with great solo's. Too bad some of the band members are acting a bit static compared to the other lively members.

I still had a great time and it's nice to see a legend as Clinton doing his stuff. I guess it was even better seeing him 20 years ago when he was on top of it all.

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