Tuesday 28 June 2011

Unexpected Afrobeat Party With Jungle By Night and Fela!

After the Arctic Monkeys gig we decide to take a look in the smaller room at the second floor. A duo Buke and Gass are playing somewhat weird but impressive music. A combination of distorted acoustic guitars and bass with foot percussion. But my eye catches a keyboard with the words "Jungle By Night", the name of that exciting young afro-beat band. And I remember reading something about an after party with the band from the musical "Fela!" about the godfather of afro-beat himself, Fela Kuti. Time to stick around and forget about sleeping.

Around midnight the boys of Jungle By Night take the stage and play a few songs from their album. And like always they know how to get everyone dancing. The young crowd, consisting mostly of young girls, are loving it. After a while they introduce the musicians of the Fela! musical band who then take the stage. They start playing a few songs from the musical with a couple of Jungle By Night musicians modestly joining them. Slowly more and more people take the stage including African singers and the lead actor playing Fela, Sahr Ngaujah.

The result is a continuous jam of great swinging music. The musicians sure look like they are enjoying it a lot and Sahr proves to be a great front man who can fire up a crowd. The members of Jungle By Night are also becoming more confident and play some great solos. With the party still going strong we have to bail out though if we want to catch some sleep at all. What a great legendary end to an already perfect night!

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