Friday 22 July 2011

The Black Crowes' Beautiful Goodbye

I've seen The Black Crowes play before but although they have been playing Paradiso many times I just never got to see them there. Their farewell tour Goodnight to the Bad Guys was ending in their and my favourite venue so this could be my last chance. But again the odds were against me since the ticket sale started during my vacation and although friends tried to help out it sold out before they could get their hands on tickets. But I was not gonna miss this one! And so even though I don't like the reseller market at all I monitored the online marketplaces for tickets for a decent price. And I got my break on the same day of their very last show...

The Black Crowes at Paradiso Amsterdam, 18 July 2011 (Ronald Says 9 out of 10)
Like every show on this tour they will start with an acoustic set followed by a "normal" set halfway the show. And as promised the set list tonight is totally different than the day before in Paradiso. In the end it turns out they only play 'Jealous Again' both nights. But it hardly matters what they are playing. These are great musicians that can make any song sound good. And they are having a great time at it. Singer Chris Robinson looks so comfortable on stage moving around like it's his living room. Bending his thin body into funny poses like he always does. He's enjoying the solos of his brother Rich Robinson and virtuoso Luther Dickinson approvingly with a smile on his face.

And that's what they all are doing: enjoying their last night together on stage playing their beloved songs. The acoustic set is a beautiful one. The sound is great and songs like 'Appaloosa', 'Sister Luck' and 'Bring On, Bring On' shine brighter than ever before. But tonight all songs are gems and every one of them is greeted with great applause like every solo or jam.

After one and a half hour the band takes a short break before it's time for the electric second part. It's time to pick up the pass a bit although their is still room for some ballads like a very passionate 'Seeing Things'. They also add some cover songs including The Rolling Stones 'I Just Want To See His Face' and of course their famous version of 'Hard To Handle' off their first album where it all began.

After three hours there's still energy left for an encore. They end with two more covers: 'Torn And Frayed', another The Rolling Stones song, and Little Feat's 'Willin''. And then after more than three hours and fifteen minutes it really is over. The Black Crowes are gone for an indefinite period. But tonight we celebrated the band and the impressive collection of music they left us like there's no tomorrow without them.

So I finally got my way. And I got a lot more than I bargained for. This night was memorable in so many ways. I can only hope that indefinite doesn't mean forever and we can can greet them back some day in the future.

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Set List:

First Half - Accoustic Set
1. Good Friday
2. Appaloosa
3. Sister Luck
4. Wiser Time
5. No Expectations
6. How Much For Your Wings
7. Bring On, Bring On
8. Darling of the Underground Press
9. Nonfiction
10. My Morning Song

Second Half - Electric Set
11. Good Morning Captain
12. High Head Blues
13. I Just Want to See His Face
14. Girl From A Pawnshop
15. Thorn In My Pride
16. Poor Elijah / Tribute To Johnson
17. Hard to Handle
18. Seeing Things
19. Soul Singing
20. Jealous Again

21. Torn and Frayed
22. Willin'

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