Monday 19 September 2011

Relaxed Show By Tika

After spending time together in Canada, David Pino and Marien Dorleijn came back with a great album for the 'In A Cabin With Project'. The album with this one time group Tika was more than a simple addition of the qualities of both musicians. However making an album together is one thing. Playing it live on stage is different.

Tika at Paradiso Amsterdam, September 13 2011 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)

Since their album was recorded with the help of Canadian musicians they got members of both their own bands to help them out. And it is nicely divided between those bands. El Pino & The Volunteers' bass player Appie and Moss' drum player Finn Kruyning are completing the band on stage. They are only playing a handful of shows to support this occasion.

The show starts with the documentary around actor Carel Struycken and the song 'For Better Or For Worse'. The video doesn't play smoothly and it's not a good start. It will be characteristic for the entire show. Pino and Dorleijn take the stage and start playing. It's simply amazing how well their voices sound so good together. When Appie and Kruyning are joining them the harmonies are heavenly. Although the songs are great it doesn't really sound like a band. You can notice that they put this band together just for the occasion. It doesn't always sound tight and convincing, some things don't run smoothly and the musicians don't look like they are comfortable all time. Maybe they didn't have too much time either to prepare for it.

One can only hope that maybe this project will lead to more Tika music and that it will grow into something more steady in future. With a well prepared band this could turn into something great. They show that by stepping into the crowd in the last encore to play Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain'. When they take the stage for a full blown climax to the song it's a great ending to a somewhat messy evening. But with these great musicians and fine songs it was a pleasure nevertheless.

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