Wednesday 4 January 2012

New Cool Collective Throw Great End Of The Year Party

Eighteen years ago the jazz combo New Cool Collective was founded. And so they named their new album Eighteen. They were programmed to play the smaller Melkweg hall but because of great interest it was moved to the bigger Max hall. And that one filled up nicely in what was going to be the last gig in 2011 for me.

New Cool Collective at Melkweg Amsterdam, December 29 2011 (Ronald Says 9 out of 10)
The band looks a bit surprised themselves. According to Benjamin Herman, great sax player and one of the original founders, they started out playing for only a handful of people. Of course they are very pleased with this great show-up, indicating that they have come a long way since. And their music changed from more traditional jazz, latin and afro-beat tunes to a whole new kind of music. All their experience, talent, skills and musical adventures are combined into music that will get everyone's hips loose and is cooler than cool.

And with this introduction in mind you know things cannot go wrong any more tonight. The band is feeling good, in great shape and in an even better better. The crowd is excited and willing to dance and the music is brilliant. The band treat us to many new songs off their new album and some great older compositions. All musicians get their moment in the spotlights. Herman, who is also the one to talk to the crowd in between songs, is showing why he's one of the best musicians in our country. The same goes for drum player Joost Kroon with his very broad repertoire of styles. Rock, swing, latin it all seems so natural to him. And then his damn!

But let's not forget the rest of the band. This is a dream team: very skilled musicians who also have great chemistry together while playing. A special mention goes out to guitarist Anton Goudsmit and his contagious playing style. His energy and excitement is characteristic for the band: these are musicians who are playing for the love of music and most of all are having fun! I can only hope they will stay together for another eighteen years and many more after.

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