Monday 27 August 2012

Lowlands 2012 Day 3: It Doesn't Get Hotter Than This

We wake up to a simmering heat. Today will be the hottest day ever recorded in our country and it certainly is the hottest day ever on Lowlands. But who cares? This is still better than rain and mud, so time to get some eggs, coffee and juice to start us off.

Lowlands Day 2, August 18 2012

The big Alpha stage is only half full and it still is a mystery to me why Moss aren't playing the smaller Grolsch. Okay, they killed it there a few years back, but this band isn't a big stadium rock band. Their songs are working best in a smaller place. And this is exactly why their show isn't as good as it could be. The band is playing great though and it's obvious the songs are all little gems. But the big stage screams for big anthems and crowd pleasers. We get a glimpse of that at the end with their big hit 'I Love The Chemistry'. It's simply a matter of the right band at the wrong place.

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Orgel Vreten
What do you get when you put two Hammonds together and a crowd ready to party on the hottest day ever? A crazy sweat dripping hot Hammond beating. Thijs Schrijnemakers and Robin Piso, who's also playing for DeWolff, are scourging their organs making it impossible to stand still. There are no vocals and it's like listening to a long Hammond solo. That's exactly the weak spot, it does get a bit too much in the end. Still a surprise on the always interesting Lima stage.

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Pulled Apart By Horses
We may be hot but who cares? Let's see if we can take some hardcore punk rock at the hottest stage of the festival at the hottest moment of the hottest day. So Lowlands was hot? Mwah, not too bad. These guys definitely don't take it easy. They are playing their guts out, almost literally when singer Tom Hudson is puking off the stage just in front of the first row. It turns out he's doing that more often so it probably wasn't the heat. It's a high energy performance that will definitely have pleased a lot of the people that came to see them. After their show they run off to Lake Lowlands to take a well deserved jump into the water to cool off.

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Ewert and The Two Dragons
I have a break in my schedule and decide to go buy some records at the local festival record store. There's not a lot to my record collection, so I'm done pretty quickly. Why not take a peak at the Lima stage where Estonian band Ewert & The Two Dragons are playing? I heard many good things about them although it may a bit too light for my liking. I'm pretty sure of this after seeing them here at Lowlands. There's nothing special about their music and the band is looking pretty pale. Nothing is really happening on stage and the band members don't seem to put a lot of effort in it. Maybe it's the heat, but I'll skip them next time.

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Foo Fighters
I decide to watch Kyteman from outside the Alpha tent to save some energy for the big finale. Therefore I cannot say much about his orchestra's performance tonight. I leave my friends to ensure a spot in the pit at the front. I have seen Foo Fighters play several times but never from up close and definitely want to take this opportunity to get close this time. The band isn't wasting any time and fly right into it. They knock out hit after hit song and the heat is rising to incredible heights inside the tent.

Dave Grohl says it's probably the hottest Foo Fighters show ever, but the band recalls one other show that was even hotter. Later on Grohl says he doesn't care and thinks this really ís the hottest Foo Fighters show ever. I'm not too sure about that, but it definitely is a great one. For over two hours they are rocking the place, only to take it a bit more slow in the end, where Grohl is chatting more. There are great versions of a long spun out 'Monkey Wrench' and the original 'Everlong'. Afterwards I hear they had to cut the show short because of the heat. It doesn't really matter. It was the perfect close of another great Lowlands edition.

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Within no time this edition seemed to be over. Time was going by so quickly because of all the great bands we watched and all the fun we had. When the gods are on my side and the horrible ticketmaster/livenation ticket sale system is cooperative, I'm definitely back in 2013 for my fifteenth edition!

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  1. Wow, your 15th? I'll better be there to join the party!


  2. You better! I expect you to be there!