Monday 17 September 2012

Into The Great Wide Open 2012 Day 3: Lazy Sunday

After watching another great sunrise while walking to the toilet, it promises to be another sunny day. We're completely in the lowest gear now and feel like we're on a totally relaxed holiday. This is probably going to turn into a very lazy day.

And so we wander around a bit, have a few beers and enjoy some of the great food on this festival. Did I mention they have great food? We're having some great sausage, turkey, pasta and fish, while in the background Dio is building a party. I'm not really into hiphop so I don't feel an urge to get up. But it sounds like he's doing a good job. I'm also not into Warpaint's dreampop and they prove that today. We can hear their slow tunes, but even those girls can't seduce me to get up. A few beers later I discover I totally missed Mozes and the Firstborn. That's really too bad, since this young band proved to have potential a few months ago. I'm sure I will be able to catch them again soon enough.

Willis Earl Beal
We end up at the forest stage one last time where Willis Earl Beal is giving an impressive show. It's a combination of soul and spoken word. An old tape recorder is the only backing track Beal is using. Sometimes the man is dressed in a cape and now and then he is taking a seat to pluck on a guitar. He's making it look like it's a real struggle for him. Of course this is an act, but it's working. Sometimes whispering, then screaming like a tormented soul. It's crowded in the woods and for a good reason. Beal is totally worth it.

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Django Django
This British quartet made a fun record this year and got great reviews. Today they are the perfect closing act. We suck in the last sun rays of the weekend, while Django Django are sending the good vibes. Their catchy songs make it impossible to stand still. The harmonies sound good today and their set is more tight and smooth than the one we saw on Lowlands. And so while we're dancing, our last tokens are exchanged for a few more beers and some paella. Did I mention the food is great over here?

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A bit sad we board the ferry to take us back to the main land. Another very successful edition of this unique festival has ended. Time to wake up from this fairytale dream and go back to reality. It will be even harder to get tickets for next year I'm sure. Anyone who can get their hands on them, will feel like being among one of the chosen ones. Hopefully we will be among them as well. Fingers crossed!

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