Sunday 14 October 2012

The Many Faces Of Case Mayfield

Musician Case Mayfield released his first full album The Many Coloured Beast earlier this year. It was received very positively and since then he has been playing a lot of club shows and some festivals. However the songs kept coming and now he's already releasing his second album 10. He's shooting ten videos for it as well and presented it in Paradiso on the 10th of October.

Case Mayfield at Paradiso Amsterdam, October 10 2012

Mayfield keeps on growing, so much is clear. I already wrote this many times. He doesn't like to stick to conventions and is trying to draw his own plan. This is probably not always that easy, since record labels usually like things to go their way. It does suit the wayward nature of Mayfield. Something that is also obvious from his music. Although most of his songs are dark, they are very diverse. The new album even has a few "happy" songs, as he calls it himself. Tonight he's starting with these lighter and more uptempo songs. Mayfield and his band are touching upon a more soulful sound here.

Mayfield looks very comfortable on stage these days. He's chatty and joking around with people at the front of the stage. But once he's starting a new song, his face changes, it is getting a serious look. Especially in the heavier songs. In the middle of the set, the band leaves and Mayfield is on stage all by himself. In the past he sometimes would look a bit lost. But now he's standing there confidently, playing a few of his best songs including the always impressive 'Louise'. The crowd goes silent and is holding its breath.

With his new album Mayfield has added more great songs to his repertoire. It makes for a diverse and convincing set. Songs like 'Schizofrenia' and 'The Green Mean' are worthy additions. As encore we get treated Mayfield's and his band's version of DJ Afrojack's 'Rock The House', which works very well. His performance reflects his personality. I really hope he will stay that way, allergic to any existing convention, drawing his own plan. That's what makes him stick out. That will make him come close to a perfect ten in the future, although I'm sure he could care less about that.

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