Monday 14 January 2013

Saybia's Music Still Works Magic After Twenty Years

More than twenty years ago Danish band Saybia impressed with their debut album The Second You Sleep. They played every club and festival and released two more albums. Just after releasing the last one in 2007 tragedy struck. Singer Søren Huss' wife died in a car crash and he sank into a depression. It looked like Saybia was over. But suddenly they started playing again and announced a few shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album. Including even two nights in Amsterdam.

Saybia at Paradiso Amsterdam, January 8 2012

Even though they have been away for a few years, both nights have sold out. Loud cheers greet the band on stage who start off the first song of the album. Combined with the light bulbs on stage, what follows is a magical night. Huss may have gotten a little bigger but his vocals are still clear. Although age has made his voice a bit more rough around the edges, it still is a delight to hear him sing. It's great to hear all those songs again. Some of them they haven't played for over eight years explains Huss. Songs like 'The Day After Tomorrow', 'The Second You Sleep' and 'The One For You' have stood the test of time and still sound as powerful as always.

Although mostly known for their slow pop songs, Sabia know how to rock as well. Guitar player Sebastian Sandstrøm is allowed to go loose quite a few times and drummer Palle Sørensen is proving that he can hit hard when needed. The band is clearly enjoying it and look pleasantly surprised by the great reaction of the crowd. At the end of each song they receive a big applause. Especially keyboard player Jess Jensen is looking very pleased all night long, many times. He's looking at the people with a twinkle in his eyes and is thanking them several times. It's a classic example how a band and their fans are exchanging energy and make each other better.

Two encores follow the songs of the album including their biggest hit, the beautiful 'I Surrender'. And so after one and half hour the band thank the crowd for the last time. Huss mentioned earlier on, that they are not working on a new album, but will start on it when the time is right. Let's hope that time will come soon.

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7 Demons
Fools Corner
The Second You Sleep
Snake Tongued Beast
Still Falling
The Day After Tomorrow
In Spite Of
Empty Stairs
The Miracle in July
The One for You
A Way Out
Brilliant Sky
I Surrender
Encore 2:
Bend the Rules

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