Friday 30 August 2013

Short But Explosive System of a Down Performance

In 2005 System of a Down released their last two albums. The band took a break after that and the different members engaged in other projects. Just when you thought they had lost interest in SOAD, the band announced their comeback in 2010. Since then they played some festivals and are now playing some headlining shows. It is not quite unclear what the purpose of the reunion is. The band itself doesn't seem to agree on whether a new album is likely to see the light soon. In the end I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see them play again.

System of a Down at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, August 21 2013

To my surprise the big Ziggo Dome is nearly sold out. The band appears to still have a strong following. When they take the stage and start 'Aerials' a pit forms immediately. After all these years the band hasn't lost power. Singer Serj Tankian's voice remains strong and clear after all those years. He's probably one of the best singers in this scene. Today is his birthday and the band has prepared 'Happy Birthday' during the song 'Radio/Video'. The best thing about their songs is how unmistakable SOAD they sound. The crazy changes, the quiet moments followed by a wall of sound. Guitarist Daron Malakian gets his share in the spotlight as well tonight as he's singing quite a few songs. Best of all are his guitar riffs though.

SOAD still is able to leave an impact. Their original compositions and socially engaged lyrics again leave quite an impression. Maybe not all of the songs are present-day any more, but they keep sounding great. Also the energy is always there. From my view point on the first ring, I can see a constant pit stretching out to half of the field. Small circle pits are occasionally forming in the back too. When Malakian is ordering to form a big circle pit, within no time a swirling bulk of people has formed like a small hurricane of persons. The group work their way through the set list in a staggering pace. After less than 90 minutes they are closing the set with 'Sugar' and leave without an encore. It does feel a bit short, but they managed to play over 20 songs tonight. I guess less is more and it sure was an explosive show. Maybe the reason for the reunion is just to cash in on their pass success, but let's hope that is not the case. Maybe they can work out whatever differences they are having and get to making new music in the future.

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01. Aerials
02. Suite-Pee
03. Prison Song
04. I-E-A-I-A-I-O
05. Soldier Side - Intro
06. B.Y.O.B.
07. Deer Dance
08. Radio/Video
09. Hypnotize
10. Needles
11. DDevil
12. Lost in Hollywood
13. X
14, Suggestions
15. Psycho
16. Chop Suey!
17. Lonely Day
18, Question!
19, A.D.D.
20. Spiders
21. Cigaro
22. Toxicity
23. Sugar

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