Tuesday 14 January 2014

Three Times Fun in Effenaar Eindhoven

In the nineties Claw Boys Claw rocked the Dutch live scene, Bettie Serveert was one of our favourite alternative bands and Hallo Venray was making its way up in the low lands. Now a few decades later in a new century they are still around and are playing a rare triple bill night in Eindhoven.

Hallo Venray, Bettie Serveert, Claw Boys Claw at Effenaar Eindhoven, January 10 2013

Hallo Venray
It's been a very long time since I have seen Hallo Venray for the last time. They were relatively successful in the beginning, but chose a different road afterwards. One that may commercially be less attractive, but was more interesting in a creative way. Tonight they are focusing on their upcoming album SHOW. It's a bold choice and especially in the beginning this pays off with nice songs. After that first part, the songs are going down in tempo and this also slows down the performance. Since they are unknown songs to most of us, it is hard for many people to stay focused. Hallo Venray prove however still to be an interesting band that doesn't like to take the easy road.

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Bettie Serveert
Up next are Bettie Serveert who released a new album Oh, Mayhem! last year. It's a solid rock album and they play a few songs of it tonight. Mixed in are some of their greatest hits of the past twenty something years. This band has also changed a lot in this time. The line up is different and their sound is now more heavy on the rock side. This is pleasing many of the people tonight who are mostly well into their forties. Bettie Serveert still is one of the favorites to this crowd.

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Claw Boys Claw
You can leave it to Claw Boys Claw to close the night with a bang. The band do what they can do best and have been doing from the beginning: give it all they've got until beer is flying around, everyone is eighteen again and has a big smile on their face. Like the other two bands they too have a new album which was almost a year ago. It's the last show in support of Hammer and it's clear they want it to end in style. Together with many of their big hits they do exactly that.

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These three bands prove that although their real glory days may be behind them, they still have plenty to offer and shouldn't be ignored. There's enough to see and hear that new and younger bands can learn from.

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