Saturday 7 June 2014

Rocking Hard At The Juke Joint

Four bands in one night, playing rock, blues and one of them is Shaking Godspeed. I don't need a lot more reason to ride my bike for 45 minutes to neighbouring town Amstelveen to check that out. Unfortunately not many other people could drag themselves away from their tablet or TV since not many turn up. The bands couldn't care less and rock hard for the few people who came to see them.

At The Juke Joint at P60 Amstelveen, June 5 2014

JACK This all girl band from Amsterdam managed to gather some friends and family around for their punk and rock songs. Many songs have tempo changes although they use that same trick quite often. But the young ladies play them with a lot of heart and show potential. They look pretty confident on stage and master their instrument quite well. The girls need to play a bit more tight and shouldn't over complicate things though. Still a good way to start the night.

Texas Radio Next up are Texas Radio who play southern rock and work up a sweat. All members are bouncing around stage and give it all, which is great to watch. The singer has quite a good voice and plays a mean harmonica. Their music may not be very original, but when a band enjoys playing it like this and shows this much energy there's nothing wrong with that.

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Shaking Godspeed Since they were billed as the main act, I was expecting them to play a longer set as the last band. But it takes them quite some time to setup and soundcheck, so their set is even cut short. Fortunately they never disappoint and showcase some new songs that sound really interesting. It makes me look forward to their new album in September even more. This is no ordinary rock band, but a very creative group. Their songs are full of twists and turns and they like to make things a bit hard for their audience. But it goes down well with the few people that are here tonight.

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Black Bottle Riot By the time Black Bottle Riot take the stage, only a handful of people are left over. But the band doesn't seem to care and they treat us to one hell of a classic rock show. Tight rock songs full of big grooves and shredding guitars and a singer who knows his rock poses. These guys are playing some honest rock 'n roll and boy do I like it! At the end they invite the other bands on stage, except the ladies of JACK who already left, and end the evening in a great jam session.

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It's sad to see that bands like this are struggling to make a living and so few people show up while they deserve to fill up a room of this size. These are bands that are not shuffed down your throat on TV or radio. These are bands you actually have to put some effort in yourself as a fan. But nowadays people want their music served the same way they get their food: easy, cheap, fast and cheesy. And that's too bad, since that's why so few of these bands last long enough. But as long as they do, I will go see them any time I can.

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