Wednesday 10 September 2014

Beck's Colourful Rollercoaster Ride

It's been seven years since Beck visited us for the last time. You would expect the Heineken Music Hall to be sold out, but it actually isn't. When we arrive at the concert venue, support act Jenny Lewis is just wrapping up her performance and by the time Beck is about to start it is quite easy to move closer to the stage. It is a somewhat lukewarm reception for one of the most creative musicians in the industry.

Beck at Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, September 8 2014

It doesn't seem to matter to the little man from Los Angeles who isn't wasting any time and starts off with a ferocious 'Devil's Haircut'. Together with big hit 'Loser' so early in the set, you could worry he may have shot his bolt too soon, but of course Beck has plenty more tricks up his sleeves. Songs from his melancholic new album Morning Phase are scattered throughout the set, which is a smart move. This way the show doesn't lose momentum and the full arrangements they get, make them fit in perfectly with the rest.

And so we get to see all the faces of Beck and this show turns into a colourful one. Literally with the beautiful visuals at the back which are totally supporting the songs and the lighting. The greatest hits show, with songs from his entire career span, shows the versatile artist he is. He has explored so many genres, it is a wild ride we're in tonight, but Beck and his excellent band, know exactly how to glue it together into a consistent set.

After 'E-Pro', Beck uses yellow "crime scene" tape to seal off the stage and leaves for a short break. They return for an inspired 'Sexx Laws' where he cuts the tape again. 'Debra' turns into a funky song with partly improvised lyrics, that would have fit a Prince set as well. A cheerful version of 'Where It's At' is used to introduce the band members and closes this night, that turns everyone into winners. Hopefully we don't have to wait another seven years until we can watch Beck again.

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01. Devil's Haircut
02. Black Tambourine
03. Loser
04. The New Pollution
05. Blue Moon
06. Heart Is a Drum
07. Gamma Ray
08. Hell Yes
09. Think I'm in Love
10. Soul of a Man
11. Blackbird Chain
12. Unforgiven
13. Chemtrails
14. Wave
15. Waking Light
16. Girl
17. Novacane
18. One Foot in the Grave
19. E-Pro
20. Sexx Laws
21. Debra
22. Where It's At

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