Friday 27 March 2015

On Stage: Zimbolico

For over fifty years the Brazilian Zimbo Trio have recorded uncountable songs on over fifty albums. Their music may not be known by a large group over here, but they are a well established and widely respected name when it comes to Brazilian music. When Jens Lima dos Santos got introduced to their music he was so impressed that he started transcribing some of their songs. He found two fellow musicians, bassist Carlos Monteiro and drummer Joeri Baldinger, to play these songs and together they founded Zimbolico. Now there's a CD, A Tribute to the Zimbo Trio, which was presented with a show in Amsterdam

Zimbolico at Bethaniënklooster Amsterdam, March 22 2015

The Bethaniënklooster is a former 15th-century monastery right in the heart of the red-light district of Amsterdam. The small but very nice "Bethany's Jazz Club" is a great place for some exotic jazz on this sunny Sunday afternoon. It has filled up nicely when the three musicians take the stage. Pianist Lima dos Santos looks quite nervous but it doesn't take long before the trio is fully warmed up. Well focused he's playing the fast piano parts, that sound vivid and sparkling. Backed up by his two experienced fellow band members he can lean comfortably on their solid foundation.

Both Monteiro and Baldinger get enough room to excel on their own, which results in some fine moments with solos of a high musical level. But more importantly, together the trio make the songs sound very cheerful and groovy, full of dynamics and very danceable. 'Upa Neguinho' is a sunny and uplifting song where all three sing along with the playful melody line. Many songs are not originally by the Zimbo Trio but are Brazilian standards, like the world famous 'Garôta de Ipanema' ('Girl from Ipanema'). 'Aquarela do Brasil' is one those other famous songs which showcases the best Brasil has to offer. Zimbolico make it sound very updated and full of fire.

By that time some people can't resist the seductive latin sounds any more and start a little dance. Judging from the smiles on their faces, the band itself is having a good time as well. At the end of the show they are not allowed to leave before they play another song, so the band ends in style with an explosive version of 'Incompatibilidade de Gênios' where Baldinger makes his drum kit sound like a full on samba band. It's the perfect ending to a very convincing CD presentation. If you think that jazz is boring complicated show off music, then listen to Zimbolico and be proven wrong.

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More Pictures

01. Noa Noa
02. Cidade Vazia
03. Chovendo na Roseira
04. Cravo e Canela
05. Canção do Sal
06. Garôta de Ipanema
07. Upa Neguinho
08. A Felicidade
09. Travessia
10. Vou te contar
11. Aquarela do Brasil
12. Incompatibilidade de Gênios


  1. Thank you Ronald for your beautiful review! I am so happy you enjoyed our concert! Please add me on google+ greetings Jens Lima dos Santos

  2. No problem Jens. I had a great time and loved the music! I'm not active on Google+ although I have an account, but I don't use it.