Wednesday 26 August 2015

On Stage: TV On The Radio

Every time TV On The Radio release an album, I like it that much that it ends up in my year list. This builds up in anticipation when I get to see them live and somehow the few times I saw them play festivals it didn't really live up to my expectations. Seeing them in a club show would probably be better and after cancelling their show earlier this year, it finally was time to see them in Paradiso.

TV On The Radio at Paradiso Amsterdam, August 24 2015

I tried not to hold my hopes up too high, since this may just be one of those bands that is brilliant on record but simply cannot get that same level across when live on stage. But I wouldn't have to worry for long. After taking the stage they are off to a ferocious start with vicious versions of 'Young Liars', 'Lazerray' and 'Golden Age'.

The band is very tight and the wonderful layered sound is coming across in a lovely way. The long bearded Kyp Malone is sometimes jumping up and down while playing and Tunde Adebimpe is all over the place when he's not working his loop station. Somehow this band never really got their big break and I wonder why tonight. The venue is far from sold out, but the people that are here, are definitely enjoying it. When the songs are up tempo, Adebimpe fires up the crowd who can only dance harder. He's addressing us regularly adding plenty of audience interaction and making it a lively show.

Of course the more mellow songs are not suitable to go mental but need a listening ear. The band knows how to balance this, making sure it doesn't lose the crowd's attention, which nearly happens after the great start of the set. But tonight all is well for TV On The Radio and not even a failing mic can bring them down. I'm really glad in the end I get to see the band that I love so much on the records and tonight they prove why they keep popping up on my year lists.

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01. Young Liars
02. Lazerray
03. Golden Age
04. Happy Idiot
05. Could You
06. Careful You
07. Winter
08. Wolf Like Me
09. Blues From Down Here
10. Trouble
11. Forgotten
12. DLZ
13. Ride
14. Dancing Choose
15. Staring at the Sun

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