Friday 5 February 2016

On Stage: together PANGEA

Whenever the garage rock band together PANGEA is coming to town you better make sure you catch them, since they are guaranteed to bring the place down and will give everyone a good time. So when they were visiting Amsterdam again I made sure I was not gonna miss them and made my way to the Sugarfactory.

together PANGEA at Sugarfactory Amsterdam, February 1 2016

Supporting act of the night is the new garage rock band St. Tropez. They started out as a bit of a mystery but not for very long when people found out it was the reincarnation of Dutch rock band Go Back To The Zoo. A little while later they announced that GBTTZ no longer exists and they were focusing on their new group. Tonight the band proves this is a good choice. Although with GBTTZ they made quite a few catchy songs that was appealing to especially a young crowd, St. Tropez seems to fit the group better. Bass player Lars Kroon now also is the lead singer of the band and is doing a good job at it. He jumps off the stage a few times to dance in front of it or to do a wild stroll across the floor with his bass still strapped on. According to the band they have written many songs and their performance tonight makes me look forward to hearing them.

The crowd is warmed up quite well by the time together PANGEA takes the stage, so right form the beginning a pit forms that will stay there for the entire show and will only grow bigger. The band makes clear why they are such a good live band that people like so much. Their songs have a lot of variation ranging from catchy pop songs to wild and rough garage rock songs with heavy riffs.

The band is touring in support of their new EP The Phage and we can hear a few songs from it. I don't think the people in the pit really care which songs they play, just as long as they keep playing. Half of the people in the small venue is dancing like crazy to the uplifting rock songs, while stage divers are constantly climbing the stage and crowd surfers keep going round. Their big hits 'Badillac' and 'Too Drunk To Cum' are greeted with cheers and excitement by the young crowd. In the end the band can only watch this scene approvingly and be pleased. Another victorious night and another place they have played to pieces. Unfortunately the dark and smoky venue makes it impossible for me to shoot decent pictures, so that's why you the crappy ones. See you again next time guys!

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