Tuesday 3 May 2016

On Stage: The Kills @ Melkweg

It's been five years since The Kills were in our country for a show. At that time they released Blood Pressures that received good reviews. Live on stage they can play brought hot steaming shows when everything is running smoohtly. So now with neir sixth album Ash & Ice coming out next month the duo is finally back for a visit and I don't want to miss it.

The Kills at Melkweg Amsterdam, May 2 2016

This time they bring two more people with them on stage, but a drum computer and sequencer are still used a lot. The songs do gain more body with the two additional musicians that are kept to the back a bit away from the spot lights. If it's not clear who the stars of this show are, this should give you an idea. And of course it's all about Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, who both are in great shape and in a good mood.

Mosshart has rock chick written all over her, the way she moves around stage, strikes rock poses and plays the crowd. Like a caged lion she's sometimes walking up and down, only to let go of a big roar later on, or a purr when appropriate. She can look seductive and sexy throwing sultry looks, but sometimes drops the rock star mask when she smiles adorably.

Hince is very active on the other side of the stage, showing his incredible guitar skills. Even when technically things aren't optimal or a guitar is out of tune, he keeps on going like everything is all well. He takes his share into the spot light often, shredding his guitar while pointing it theatrically at the crowd. Hince and Moshart are always keeping an eye out for each other and the chemistry is incredible between the two of them. It gives their music extra energy and the show more fire.

About half of the new album makes it onto the setlist, especially halfway the show when three of them are played back to back. Shortly after, new single 'Doing It To Death' follows, that already has captured the heart of the fans judging from the cheers. The new songs fit in perfectly with the rest and don't seem to be so drastically different, althoug they may be more heavy compared to the rest. In the encore another new track 'Siberian Nights' pops up until an inspired version of 'Sour Cherry' closes the night. The Kills looked very convincing tonight and this makes me look forward to the new album a lot.

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01. No Wow
02. U.R.A. Fever
03. Heart Is a Beating Drum
04. Kissy Kissy
05. Hard Habit to Break
06. Heart of a Dog
07. Impossible Tracks
08. Black Balloon
09. Doing It to Death
10. Baby Says
11. Whirling Eye
12. Pots and Pans
13. Monkey 23
14. Tape Song
15. Siberian Nights
16. Sour Cherry

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