Friday 16 June 2017

On Stage: Primal Scream @ Melkweg

You'd almost forget that Primal Scream have been around for a very long time. You'd also almost forget how influential they have been for the music scene in general, especially their legendary album Screamadelica. Many people may have forgotten about them, but they are still making records that are worthwhile listening to. As a matter of fact they put one out last year Chaosmosis and are still playing on the road. It's about time I was gonna check them out.

Primal Scream at Melkweg Amsterdam, June 15 2017

Their hay days may be behind them, but they are still a band that can play some really good shows. Of course they know that their fans are mostly here to hear their hit songs and so only a couple of songs of the new album make it on the setlist. For the rest we mostly get a greatest hit show. Their best songs are the ones that are swinging, where they mix rock and dance music. This band excels at grooving and bassist Simone Butler's catchy bass lines give many songs plenty of ingredients for a hot night.

But tonight the crowd is a bit too mellow and the band doesn't take off to spark a fire. Singer Bobby Gillespie doesn't seem to have the right energy to get the party started and I've heard him sing better as well. Now and then you'll see a bit of chemistry especially during 'Rocks' and 'Loaded' of course. After finishing quite a nice and inspired performance of 'Movin' On Up' at the end of the first encore it looks like the band is leaving the stage quickly and will call it a night.

But they do return actually for a very nice version of 'Come Together' where for the first time something happens between the band and the fans. Now we can see what makes this band so good, and the Melkweg turns into a church where everyone join in on preacher Gillespie's gospel. This may not have been Primal Scream at its best, but it is still great to see some of their old glamour shining through and see them send everyone off with a smile on their face.

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01. Swastika Eyes
02. Slip Inside This House (13th Floor Elevators cover)
03. Jailbird
04. Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)
05. It's Alright, It's OK
06. (Feeling Like a) Demon Again
07. Star
08. Trippin' on Your Love
09. 100% or Nothing
10. Loaded
11. Country Girl
12. Rocks
13. I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
14. Movin' On Up
Encore 2:
15. Come Together

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