Tuesday 11 July 2017

Dijkpop Festival 2017

I've been keeping an eye on the Dijkpop festival for a few years, since this small festival keeps coming up with interesting line-ups. This year we can even stay at a friend's place, so it is the right time to set off to the small town of Andijk.

Dijkpop, July 8 2017

We couldn't have picked a better year since today promises to be a perfect festival day. The sun is out and the festival site looks great. Despite it being a festival run mostly by volunteers that grew from a local event to a larger scale, it is a professional looking site with everything you can expect from a festival these days. Time to see some music.

Jo Goes Hunting

Playing this early in the afternoon isn't the best spot for a band and not many people have shown up to see Jo Goes Hunting. That's a shame since this band is worth watching as I found out before. It doesn't get drummer/singer Jimmi Hueting and his band down at all and they make sure the few people that have joined are treated to a very good set. This band seems to get tighter every time I see them and the songs sound very convincing. It isn't always the most accessible music, but the clever songs, spiced up with samples and electronics, have plenty of dynamics and groove to do a little dancing. Too bad not enough people showed up to start a party.

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St. Tropez

Former band Go Back To The Zoo are more lucky and although the main stage is far from crowded, more people want to see this successful indie rock band who turned to garage and punk rock. Even though they have changed their musical style and name, this band is simply very good in writing good songs. The mostly short garage rock songs are always catchy and have a nice ring to it. It's very hard to stand still and the somewhat easy going and nonchalant, but at the same time energetic appearance of the band is quite addictive. It's a good way to wake people up today.

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This band is taking the stages of the low lands by storm and are playing every festival with great success. And for a good reason since their danceable voodoo blues music is irresistible. I saw them play at the Into The Great Wide Open festival a few years ago and they have come a long way since then. Singer Cato van Dijck and drummer Joost van Dijck, brother and sister, and New Zealand born guitarist Daniel Johnston found a successful formula which results in a steaming set that makes it impossible to stand still. Cato van Dijck's vocals are all about sound and the lyrics seem subordinate to the hypnotic vibe they are adding. Instead it is all about the groovy jams that keep on going for the entire show without hardly any stopping, that put you in a trance. It turns the tent into a hot dancing party and another victory for MY BABY.

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Indian Askin

Another band that is doing very well is Indian Askin. Their clever psychedelic songs with a punk edge are going down very well and they are starting to catch on with a bigger audience. The band underline their rising star with a convincing live show that is full of energy. The songs sound great live too and the band has grown into a tight group. If they keep spending miles on the road, this band can keep on growing.

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Michelle David & Gospel Sessions

Last year we saw Michelle David and her Gospel Sessions kill it at Into The Great Wide Open. And what's not to like? Her amazing voice together with a tight band is catching on with many people. We are able to watch the last bit of her show and it is obvious that the crowd here loves her as well. She has a great stage presence and is working hard to win everyone over with heartfelt soul and gospel songs. In the end it isn't hard to give in to so much passion.

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Death Alley

While the night the night has fallen, things are starting to get more wild. Hard rockers Death Alley had a bit of a wild ride of their own while replacing their bass player, but are back on the road again. Their soulful metal is hard and heavy with a softer psychedelic side and is still great to watch. Singer Douwe Truijens is always playing with a huge smile on his face and his voice goes very well with the heavy rock songs. The band plays with a lot of heart and although it doesn't draw a huge crowd to the stage, it totally works.

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The Charm The Fury

It is time to go out with a bang and the last show we're checking out is by metal band The Charm The Fury. Singer Caroline Westendorp is the charming front woman who alternates powerful vocals with even more powerful grunting. It is an inspired performance where the band is firing up the small crowd that turned up. It doesn't matter how many people are there to this band who are working up a sweat to close this stage in style.

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This festival still is a mix of a local annual town party and a music festival. It draws many people from the area that come here to socialize and have a good time and aren't necessarily here for the bands. That means it never really gets crowded at the stages, which sometimes is a shame for some bands who are playing for only a handful of people. On the other hand it is nice to be able to browse through a festival again without the huge crowds and be able to still walk to the front when a band has already started.

One of the best things here is the great atmosphere and the nice and relaxed visitors. I had a wonderful time, saw many great bands and definitely will be back next year.

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