Thursday 31 August 2017

Sniffing The Grass: An ITGWO 2017 Warmup

While I'm writing this Into The Great Wide Open preview, I'm already on the Vlieland island, which is for the first time. Normally we arrive at the first day of the festival while now it's still a few days away. It's good to get us in the right mood though although I am fighting a vicious cold. But the island and the sun are doing their healing work and I'm getting better. So which artists can we look forward to this year?


This is still kind of like day zero for the festival as it is not a full day, but it slowly became an official part of the line-up with bigger bands and now the festival starts at the beginning of the evening. And there's plenty to look forward to already! Here are some ideas for you.

The Mauskovic Dance Band; Unfortunately the Togo All Stars had to cancel because of last minute visa problems. The funky and swinging music sounds like a great alternative to the African band.
The Lemon Twigs; The two D'Addario brothers will have no trouble entertaining the crowd at this first day with an ADHD performance from glam rock to Broadway musicals.
Sinkane; Hypnitizing afrofunk mixed with western style music. What else do you need?


How to start this first full day? Maybe a refreshing dive in the sea before diving into the amazing bands lined up today.

Tamino; When you've seen this young talented Belgian artist you can only draw one conclusion: this guy is going to be big. I'm still impressed after seeing him a few times.
The Homesick; a young noise band with effective songs that will slap you in the face. This can only be good.
Pink Oculus; the moniker for Esperenza Denswil who mixes jazz, hiphop and soul in a very creative way. Her inspired and sultry performances are wonderful to watch.

Together with Dutch indie heroes Moss, dark pop music by Daughter and Shame's dirty post-punk rock music this should be a good day.


ITGWO always has a broad line-up exploring many styles and some exotic names. Today is great with bands from all over the place.

Khruangbin; Although from Texas, this band plays Thai inspired 60s funk, surf and psychedelica. Come on, you got to see this right?
Kikagaku Moyo; Japanese psych rock from Tokio that I saw some years back at the Eindhoven psych fest. I wasn't really impressed back then, but still this could be very good.
Ronald Snijders; exotic jazz with Surinam flute player Ronald Snijders. This is going to be a swinging show.

MY BABY are filling in for the Togo All Stars today with their tribal dance grooves. Pianist Matteo Myderwyk is also playing a second show so maybe we can catch him at one of these.


The last day doesn't have a lot of bands that I really have to see, but the ones that I like are definitely must-sees.

Millionaire; I'm so glad this Belgian rock band is back. At Best Kept Secret they gave a mind blowing show and I hope to see that again today.
Ryley Walker; A few years back Ryley Walker wasn't really on my list of artist to see but totally won me over. His last album Golden Sings That Have Been Sung is simply gorgeous so a definite must-see.
Tiggs da Author; London based musician Adam Muhabwa, originally from Tanzania, is officially closing down the festival at the main stage with a mix of funk, soul and rap, all the ingredients for a steaming party.

Of course the real closing party is tonight with Orient Express, with performances by The Mysterons and Altin Gün who both have Jungle By Night members in their line-up. I think they will close it in style. There are so many things to look forward to, I really can't afford to have a cold. More fresh orange juice please...for now.

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