Thursday 26 October 2017

On Stage: Motorpsycho @ Paradiso Tolhuistuin

For almost thirty years Norwegian band Motorpsycho have been playing music, knocking out albums almost yearly and crafting their sound. By now they have almost perfected that sound and every new album is a joy to listen to, as if they ever made a bad one. Their latest LP The Tower is even one of the best they have done, so I am really looking forward to hearing it live.

Motorpsycho at Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, October 24 2017

Drummer Kenneth Kapstad who had been with the band for 10 years left before they started recording the new album and was replaced by Tomas Järmyr. But as long as core members Bent Sæther and Hans Magnus Ryan keep working together like they have always done, it won't have a big effect on Motorpsycho. They are the beating heart of the band and a magical duo.

Added to the live line-up is Kristoffer Lo who is playing extra guitar and almost anything non-guitar related tonight. At the back mostly psychedelic visuals are playing, that are partly obscured by all the equipment on stage from my point of view. It's as if we're in a space ship and the screen is a window to the outside world, a strange world, a peek into the Motorpsycho universe.

And the band is taking us onto a journey into that wonderful world. For two and a half hours we're on board of that ship where the band is steering it comfortably into any direction they want. At the core there are always the guitar riffs and grooves as the skeleton of their songs. From there they slowly let it grow into psychedelic, prog rock and jazz directions, always tasteful, never too much. With a thirty year legacy they have hundreds of songs to choose from, but tonight they play almost every song off the new album and add a few oldies.

It's a beautiful journey, one full of wonders and beauty, that never gets dull but instead stays interesting from start to finish. And yes, their vocals are pretty bad, something every Motorpsycho fan will admit and is used to. The Motorpsycho universe may not be perfect, but it's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait until the next time their space ship docks to one of the venues nearby.

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01. A.S.F.E.
02. Bartok of the Universe
03. Intrepid Explorer
04. In Every Dream Home
05. Heartattack Mac
06. A Pacific Sonata
07. The Cuckoo
08. Lacuna/Sunrise
09. Ship of Fools
10. Taifun
11. Un chien d'espace
12. The Tower
13. Plan #1

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