Wednesday 7 March 2018

On Stage: King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard @ Paradiso

After releasing five albums last year and destroying every festival and club stage out there, you would think Australian psych rockers King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard would take it a bit more slow. But no, these guys are already on the road again. Good for me, since after three weeks of a gorgeous vacation I'm up for a solid psych rock party.

King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard at Paradiso Amsterdam, March 5 2018

By now the seven piece rock monster is an established name in the live circuit and has sold out two consecutive nights at Paradiso. If they keep going like this, it could be the last time in a venue of this size before they have to scale things up to larger size venues. Less than a year ago the band played a relentless set here that tore this place down. Tonight there's a slightly different approach, cutting through the stack of records they brought out last year.

This means they are not constantly firing off their high tempo tracks on high speed, but instead are playing a more groove based set. It isn't any less effective since right from the start as the band opens with 'Rattlesnake', crowd surfers and stage divers appear around the hall. The variety of songs shows the enormous diversity of this band, going through several styles like classic rock, metal, folk rock, psych rock, prog rock, jazz, but always providing it with their personal garage rock signature. Psychedelic visuals projected all over the back of the venue behind the band support the music.

Once more they make clear they are one of the best live bands on the scene at this moment. The band is very tight and can play their audience anyway they like. Tonight they build up their set slowly, with groovy songs building up tension. Until they finally release the beast at the end, playing the lead off triplet of songs 'Robot Stop', 'Big Fat Wasp and 'Gamma Knife' from Nonagon Infinity. The venue explodes and the whole floor is one big sweaty mass of dancing people. The band cools everyone down with 'Beginner's Luck' closing the night without an encore and leaving everyone begging for more. This band knows how to keep everyone on their toes. See you next time!

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01. Rattlesnake
02. Greenhouse Heat Death
03. Nuclear Fusion
04. All Is Known
05. Doom City(Crumbling Castle Outro)
06. Sleep Drifter
07. D-Day
08. The Book(Instrumental)
09. Billabong Valley
10. Welcome to an Altered Future
11. Digital Black
12. Han-Tyumi the Confused Cyborg
13. The Lord of Lightning
14. Cellophane
15. (Unknown)(New Song)
16. Crumbling Castle
17. The Fourth Colour
18. Robot Stop
19. Big Fig Wasp
20. Gamma Knife
21. Beginner's Luck

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