Wednesday 30 May 2018

Jazz In Duketown 2018

After a wonderful edition of Jazz In Duketown last year I was looking forward going there again. Unfortunately this year I was only able to attend one day of the three day festival, but there are quite a few nice performances lined up.

Jazz in Duketown 's-Hertogenbosch May 20

We made sure not to miss the Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet. The Dutch saxophone player has a new album Goldbrun that won him an Edison recently. Indeed it sounds great live as well. Most compositions are warm soundscapes that create a nice atmosphere and mostly sounds as a soundtrack. His band is incredible and all musicians are getting the best out of each other. It's a wonderful way to start this day.

Next up on the same stage at the market square is Israeli guitar player Yotam Silberstein and his band. Silberstein is a very skilled guitar player as he proves today and he brought very good musicians with him. I like their sound although it stays on the safe side a lot. Sometimes you would like the band to take more risks.

We wander to the Parade stage where new Dutch sensation Rilan & The Bombardiers are proving what makes them so exciting. The combination of pop, soul and funk isn't really anything new or special, nor is it really my cup of tea. But the band play it very convincingly with the charismatic singer Rilan Ramhane who knows how to handle a crowd. And with a cold beer in the lovely sun and this uplifting music there's not much to complain.

Our tummies need attention and we end up having dinner in a lovely restaurant forgetting about time. We make it back to the festival just in time to catch half of Red Snapper's set. The instrumental band play very exciting music mixing in all kinds of electronics. It makes their music very groovy and danceable and this is working very well judging from the reaction of the crowd. The band put a lot of heart in it and put down a very convincing and enjoyable set.

At the Parade stage retro soul band The Tibbs are creating a festive mood. Singer Elsa Bekman has a nice voice and is backed up by a good band. The songs aren't that special I think but it's a nice performance to close this wonderful day.

This year's Jazz In Duketown once again was a very nice edition with a lot of sunshine like last year. That sure helps, but also the festival manages to come up with a broad and varying line-up with lots of good music to enjoy. Count me in for next year's edition!

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