Tuesday 20 November 2018

On Stage: RADAR - FFOOSS + JAGD + Ploegendienst @ Melkweg

I've been following the promising band JAGD for a while and I go see there shows regularly when they play in the neighbourhood. It turns out they are part of the monthly event RADAR at the Melkweg, a night with upcoming new bands. So I get to see two more bands as a bonus. Say no more!

RADAR at Melkweg Amsterdam, November 17 2018


First up are the rock duo FFOOSS who play edgy fuzz rock with a bite. Haven't I seen singer Sophia de Gues before? Yes, it turns out she's also part of electropunk group 45ACIDBABIES, that I have seen somewhere in the past. Here she can show her rock side with cousin drummer Jannes van Kaam. The two play a convincing set of dirty rock songs that are exciting, full of fire and plenty of attitude. I do miss a bit of low in their sound though, which is the risk of playing without bass. But I really like their music and it's a good start of this night.

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Amsterdam band JAGD have just released a new EP 'Maudlin' with four brand new songs, that are a bit more heavy. It shows the band still keeps growing and brings more depth to their song writing. Live this shows as well, where they have now more variety in their sound. The new songs sound more bold and bring out their inspiration from Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes even more. The jumpy guitars of Jos Neering, the pumping bass of Luuk Meijer, the catchy drum grooves by Timo Mes and the floating, fierce vocals of Nanne van der Linden, all combine into irresistible rock songs. Like always the band plays a very tight and lively show with a lot of heart. Every time I see them the band looks even more comfortable on stage. It's time bookers pick up on this band more and let them play bigger stages.

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As if JAGD hasn't already fired up everyone in here, Ploegendienst are the ones to finish the job. The punk band fronted by Ray Fuego has an explosive and aggressive approach to punk music and their songs are direct punches in the face, or the crutch. Fuego is firing up the crowd and shouts nasty remarks at the sound engineer as he seems unhappy with the sound. It is clear he's in charge here. Beer flies around, there are people headbanging and moshing at the front of the stage to the wild punk songs. It may be a bit too much for some people in here, but I like the energy of the hardcore punk songs a lot. There's a lot of electricity flowing in the room and it wakes up everyone up to keep this night going strong.

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So we stick around for a while to drink a few more beers and dance to the silly but fun DJ set of De Rooie Jager. I didn't know this monthly event was a thing here at the Melkweg, but if the level of the bands is this high I'll definitely keep an eye out for upcoming editions.

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