Wednesday 11 December 2019

Come As You Are @ Effenaar

Once again Effenaar in Eindhoven is celebrating thirty years of guitar music with the Come As You Are festival. Bands that go all the way back and new bands are playing on this day. It's a nice lined-up again this year and we have another excuse to have a night out with good friends, live music and lots of beer.

Come As You Are at Effenaar Eindhoven, December 7 2019

The Cold Vein

Thirty years ago Urban Dance Squad was one of the hottest bands to come from the low lands. Ex-member and singer Patrick Tilon, also known as Rudeboy, is no stranger here are the festival and returns with a new band The Cold Vein. The noise rock quartet play heavy sounding noise rock songs, which are solid vehicles for Rudeboy's vocals. He has a tendency of overpowering his vocals, causing it to sound more like screaming than singing. Not all songs sound equally well, but there are some very solid rocks songs with good ideas. Drummer Chief W. is a delight to watch, playing his grooves in a relaxed but tight and powerful way with a big grin on his face. Nice way to kick off the festival for us nevertheless.

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We go downstairs to watch local band SØWT who are playing a mix of noise and grunge. Singer Danielle Warners is looking very angry most of the time and emphasises the serious and dark songs this way. They draw inspiration from grunge and noise rock bands from the early nineties like Nirvana and Sonic Youth. Their songs have a nice variation in sound and are real heavy rock bullets. I quite enjoy this band who live up to the festival's name.

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Mozes and the Firstborn

I bought tickets to the very last show of Mozes and the Firstborn at the end of the month at this same spot, but I most probably won't be able to make it. Fortunately they are playing here today, which will be the last time I get to see them. It's too bad this band is going to quit, since I have always liked their garage rock with great melodies and plenty of tongue in cheek. Singer Melle Dielesen is a bit less chatty than normal but still the band is playing a solid show in their hometown. The group has so many amazing songs like 'Dadcore' and 'Sad Supermarkaet Song' that always go down very well. I've been following this band from the early beginning and I sure am gonna miss these guys.

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Dune Rats

We head downstairs where Brisbane band Dune Rats have started their set. Their light punk rock songs could be nice to enjoy with a couple of beers. However the band seems to be too busy goofing around and the songs aren't anything special and don't sound that great. Time to get some food instead.

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Rick de Leeuw & Band

In the nineties I have seen Rick de Leeuw's old band Tröckener Kecks many times and every time it was blast. Tonight de Leeuw is playing with the band he recorded his new solo album with. He decides to play mostly old Kecks hits instead which pleases the mostly middle aged crowd who, like me, know him best from that time. Of course he has done so much more and wrote so many more wonderful songs after that, but tonight we all feel thirty years younger again, including de Leeuw himself.

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The festival is celebrating thirty years of guitar music in the broadest sense and so they booked one of my all time favourite bands Johan. I've seen them so many times and simply can't get enough. Their timeless pop rock songs are all little gems that I can hear over and over again. I mean who can resist songs like 'Tumble and Fall', 'Day Is Done', 'Oceans' and 'Everybody Knows' to name but a few. I know I never can.

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Indian Askin

The quartet Indian Askin seem to be on the road a lot and is doing another 'Another Round' tour at the moment. It brings their new LP Another Round to this festival, which is another lovely record. The band never makes compromises and their indierock with a punk attitude is a breath of fresh air in the rock scene. On stage the band is always able impress and today they work very hard to please the crowd. They have a bunch of very good songs to work with and in the end come up winning.

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Nijmegen rock band Navarone have really given it all to force some kind of breakthrough, even joining a music contest on TV. It did draw attention to their music and they were able to sell out Paradiso recently. Today they are the headliner but judging from the half full main hall it looks like many people have already left. It's a shame because tonight the group stays clear from the covers and treats us to their own songs. Nothing can get this band down and they would even do their best when there was only one person in front of the stage. The rockers play a good show for the people and fans that came down and knock out a couple of their bangers. It ends the night on a high for me.

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It has been another fun edition of this festival. If they keep it up like this and can come up with another interesting line-up next year, I'm sure we will try to be there again.

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