Tuesday 30 June 2009

scribbles week 26 - Fireworks on Glastonbury

Well of course the biggest news was the death of Michael Jackson. But there were some nice things to enjoy as well fortunately. Glastonbury had a killer line-up with some epic moments. And there are some scribbles about Dirty Projectors and Beastie Boys.

What a great weekend they must have had at Glastonbury: Spinal Tap, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and of course the return of Blur:

And as festivals go sharing is caring so there were some guest appearances like Bruce Springsteen joining Gaslight Anthem:

Neil Young and Paul McCartney share stage
And not only in Glastonbury but also later in London Paul McCartney joined Neil Young in "For a Day in the Life":

Dirty Projectors in car accident
Their van flipped while on their way to Toronto. Fortunately they are all alright and no-one was seriously injured.

Beastie Boys name new album and release date
Beastie Boys have revealed the name for their new album: "Hot Sauce Committee Part 1". It will be released September 15.

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