Thursday 25 June 2009

This Foot Is Made For Rocking

Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot (Ronald Says 3 out of 5)
When I heard about Chickenfoot I was pretty excited. The members of this supergroup sure promised a lot. The funky Red Hot Chili Peppers rock drummer Chad Smith and guitar hero Joe Satriani joined forces with Van Halen veterans singer Sammy Hagar and bass player Michael Anthony.

Jamming together without Satriani they decided to start playing gigs. However Hagar didn't like the combination of singing and playing the guitar at the same time so they needed a decent guitar player for their album. So why not get one of the legends?

Of course with these guys you expect a lot of fireworks but unfortunately this only happens on some rare moments. So is it dissappointing? Not really since it's a decent rock album. Songs like "Soap on a Rope", "Sexy Little Thing" and "Turnin' Left" are pretty good rock songs. Solid grooves and Satriani brings out some great riffs. Other songs definitely are less and remind me of Bryan Adams like soft rock ("My Kinda Girl") or Scorpions 80s rock (cheesy ballad "Learning To Fall").

Of course I wasn't expecting brilliant and poetic lyrics but some are really just too easy. As always Hagar is very generous in shouting "Yeahs" in every song but in "Get it Up" this really gets too much. However when I listen to it I can picture these guys having lots of fun playing these songs (yes, even Satriani). But no one really expected the masterpiece of the decade. Chad Smith shows where he's coming from and lays out some solid rock grooves with Michael Anthony while Satriani works his magic and shows he's perfectly capable of playing in a 'normal' rock band without the need to go freaky all the time.

So if you're into some good old 80s style rocking this album will do it for you. And there's nothing wrong with that. I wonder how this will all sound live and will find out tomorrow night so expect that live review in a few days. Did you listen to this album? Let me know what you think of it and leave a comment.

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