Wednesday 28 October 2009

Living Colour Still Colourful

Many people may have missed the new Living Colour album 'Chair In The Doorway' a short while ago. Somehow this top band who were top of the bill in the late 80s has dropped off the radar. They have been back together for quite a few years but somehow people fail to pick that up. This can't be because they're not meaningful anymore since nothing can be further from the truth. They still make relevant and powerful rock songs that are worth listening to.

Living Colour - The Chair In The Doorway (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)

They still give lively rock performances as I experienced a year ago and definitely haven't lost that appetite and drive on this new album. On the contrary. They seem more focused than ever and the album both sounds angry and hard rocking. The sound is very diverse as we're used of the foursome and with the introduction of more electronic and experimental sounds into their music on 'Collideøscope' they have enriched it even more.

Vernon Reid's guitar is as sharp as ever and the songs are strongly founded by the killer rythm section consisting of drummer Will Calhoun and bassist Doug Wimbish. Singer Corey Glover finishes it off with his powerful and strong voice to deliver one of the best rock albums of the year. These are just great musicians who are a pleasure to listen to.

They seem to have come to the point that for so many people is inevitable: dreams turned out to be illusions, you thought you had the answers, but you're left with only more questions. "Party is over, the circus has left town, it's the morning after, and you're coming down" Glover sings in 'Method'. You want to leave but where do you go? So you're stuck behind the door. "Then there's the chair" he sings in 'The Chair'. This doesn't lead to a negative album but definitely an angry one. And one with killer grooves ('Young Man', 'Out Of My Mind'), great guitar riffs and solos ('Decadence', 'Behind The Sun') and some good old funky tunes ('Bless Those (Little Annie's Prayer)'). There's also room for a bit more psychedelica in 'Not Tomorrow' and some good old plain fun in hidden track 'Asshole'.

So I advise you to check out this album since it's everything a rock album should be and a lot more.

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