Friday 16 October 2009

Wolfmother Has Epic Return

Wolfmother conquered the world a few years ago with their 2005 debut album. Blowing the roof off every venue they played with their 70s inspired heavy rocking songs. But then two of the three band members left leaving Andrew Stockdale all by himself. But then he found new friends to play with and they recorded a new album. With all these changes are they still able to rock everyone's socks off?

Wolfmother at Melkweg Amsterdam, October 15 2009 (Ronald Says 9 out of 10)

They play in the smallest hall of the Melkweg which makes it an intimate show. When they take the stage and start to play they immediately take away every doubt, if there was any. Driving force Stockdale found some fine musicians that are able to lay down a solid base for the heavy rockers. Old and new songs of the upcoming album 'Cosmic Egg' alternate and go together perfectly. The change from two to three fellow band members is a smart choice. It gives Stockdale the change to play extensive solos without loosing memento. And so he does. Some songs are lengthened quite a bit by guitar fireworks. His voice is powerful and it's remarkable how this skinny curly head can produce such heavy rock vocals.

Now and then Stockdale looks into the crowd with a smile on his face and gives a shy "Thank you". It must be great for him to play the old songs live again and to present the new songs to their fans. Keyboard player Ian Peres adds a little psychedelica to the sound which works brilliantly. It contributes even more to the 70s feel of the music. The gig seems to be over in no time and the crowd loved every minute of it. But this rock train isn't gonna stop before playing a final encore with my personal favourite 'Joker and the Thief'. This may have been the last chance we got to see this great rock band in such a small venue 'cause they are ready to take over the world once again.

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