Monday 28 December 2009

De Dijk Steady As A Rock

It's December so over here that means snow, cold, grey skies and the winter blues. But also De Dijk in Paradiso. It's always a party and so our group of friends that visits De Dijk is growing every year.

De Dijk in Paradiso Amsterdam, December 18 2009 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)

Of course De Dijk also means a guaranteed quality show but few surprises. And this time it was not different. A well balanced set full of hits and all time favourites, a mix of rock, soul and blues. The only surprise of the night was the old classic 'Zoveel Ik Kan' that they hardly ever play live. I can't even remember when I heard it live for the last time.

Too bad the sound was a bit off tonight. This is rare for De Dijk in Paradiso since they have played here so many times before and normally the sound quality is absolutely perfect. However this time it wasn't well balanced. The guitar of J.B. Meijers could almost not be heard and the horns were sometimes too loud while their solos weren't loud enough.

In the end it didn't matter and everyone was singing along. Lovers were holding each other, good friends were grabbing each other's shoulders and holding on to their beer that was flowing like water. So once again it was proven you can't go wrong with De Dijk.

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