Wednesday 30 December 2009

THX JHN For That Beautiful Goodbye

By the time I'm writing this review I know the farewell concert was the last gig of the year. So it was goodbye for more than one reason. This was really the last concert by Johan one of my favourite bands. One last time being part of those beautiful pop and rock songs.

Johan in Paradiso Amsterdam, December 22 2009 (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)

Not all goodbyes have to be sad. Everyone had plenty of time to get used to the idea that after tonight there would be no Johan anymore. After a theater gig and one earlier this year in Paradiso I just had to be there to be able to see this band live for the very last time. I still don't know what I find so special about them. Of course their songs are brilliant and close to perfection. But not a lot is happening on stage or as singer Jacco de Greeuw put it himself "You all know that normally I'm a real chatty guy...". But once they start playing and you hear those beautiful harmonies and nicely flowing songs a little bit of magic is happening.

The set list was democratically chosen by the fans and so all the hits were passing by: 'Swing', 'Day Is Done', 'Tumble and Fall', 'Everybody Knows', 'Oceans', 'Walking Away'. They have so many to choose from. At the end of their regular set they were handed a gold record for 'Pergola' that was released in 2001 and is their most succesful album up till today. It was handed to them by Dutch writer Joost Zwagerman who held a pretty whining speech about the band quitting. When they returned for the encore the crowd were holding papers with 'THX JHN' printed on them which is also the title of their third album. The final song they played was a great version of 'Here' that seemed to capture the essence of Johan perfectly. A simple bend and hands waving by the members of the band was the final chord of Johan. The cheering of the crowd that lasted a long time couldn't persuade them to return. A good thing I have their albums.

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