Thursday 24 June 2010

Stonesour Drown In Noise

It's a hectic time for Stonesour. The band with musicians from Slipknot have a new album coming up while Slipknot is working on one. And then they also have to cope with the death of Slipknot bass player Paul Gray. Still they were able to come over to Europe to do a few shows including one in Amsterdam.

Stonesour at Melkweg Amsterdam, June 15 2010 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)

Stonesour is the more quiet and relaxed version of Slipknot. Without the masks and grunting. The music is more melodic although still solid. Singer Corey Taylor shows up looking like Justin Timberlake (sorry Corey). The bands looks pretty eager and are in a good mood. They get to work right away and bang out the first song. The sound is just plain awful and it sounds as if they forgot to switch on Taylor's mic. It gets slightly better during the gig but it never gets as good as it should.

Although trying really hard it never really is convincing maybe due to the sound trouble. It all results in a wall of noise causing every song to sound alike. The new songs of the upcoming album blend in seamlessly because of this. Taylor seems to be enjoying himself and is real chatty. He could do without repeating "Make some fucking noise" all the time. But when the crowd is answering it puts a big smile on his face. The only time the sound is not in the way is when they play their big hit, the ballad 'Through Glass' that prooves Taylor is a decent singer. Guitarist Jim Root gets the chance to show off a few of his new guitars with nice solos.

Still an enjoyable gig despite the bad sound though. 6 for the music but 8 for effort still makes a 7. Maybe next time it will grow into more.

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