Wednesday 30 June 2010

Sniffing The Grass: A Rock Werchter Warmup

It's already summertime and the festival season is well on its way but my first big summer festival of the year is yet to come: Rock Werchter 2010 is starting Thursday. And it promises to be a hot edition both weather wise and musical wise. This means digging into the line up and making my plan. What are the acts that I'm gonna see? You can read it here!

Hopefully this year not too many traffic jams so we can make it on time for once. Especially to check out Kyteman's Hiphop Orchestra. He has proven that he can blow away any stage at any festival.
Skunk Anansie used to be one of the best live rock bands. Let's see if they still got it.
The XX charmed every music critic with their debut album but I wasn't that impressed. Maybe they can impress me live on stage.
Stereophonics are the opposite and most music critics seem to dislike this band somehow. Why? I like their middle of the road, easy listening rock tunes a lot.
Although Muse's last album didn't do it for me they are still a great band with an impressive show. No way I'm gonna miss them.

Faithless or Crookers? Faithless has been on every festival millions of times, playing the same show millions of times. Maybe I'll check both out, or just drink beer.

Balthazar is interesting enough to check out. Hopefully they can surprise me.
Coheed And Cambria and The Morning Benders aren't really compelling enough to me. So maybe time to just hang out, try to recover from the first day and get ready for
Netherlands - Brazil!
Oh yeah, the Dutchies are playing the Divine Canaries and hopefully some of our Belgium friends outside the festival area have brought TVs. Sorry Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem and Paramore but it's time to watch soccer!
And it doesn't matter who wins because I know Editors is gonna be great since they always are.

It's gonna be awesome seeing The Specials and to find out if this mighty ska band from the early 80s can still tear the place apart.
Green Day have proven they can but LCD Soundsystem is also playing and this just could be one of the last times I'm able to watch that band.

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders are kicking it off today. Hopefully more people will show up than earlier this month.
Belgian band Das Pop have delivered a great last album and can hopefully win some more fans over.
Yeasayer are highly acclaimed. Let's see if they can live up to that.
I'm sure Porcupine Tree definitely can live up to their reputation. I'm really excited finally being able to see these guys perform.
Florence of Florence + The Machine is usually really excited when performing. Hopefully she doesn't get too excited and stays in tune.
P!nk's music isn't really that interesting or special but I sure wanna see her fly over the crowd.
Leave it to Rammstein to close the day with literally lots of fireworks!

Hopefully The Van Jets will kick start me for the final day.
Otherwise maybe Sweet Coffee will but I like my coffee strong especially after three days of watching bands and drinking beer.
And if that didn't work then The Black Keys oughta really wake me up.
So I can let it go when great rock band Alice in Chains are going to rock my socks off.
To take it easy with Dirty Projectors that hopefull will give an accessible show.
Of course my favourite rock band Them Crooked Vultures sure will and no doubt will once again blow me away.
The Black Box Revelation should be able to keep up this rocking tempo.
So Pearl Jam can present us with the final blow for the perfect close of hopefully yet another perfect Werchter edition.

Fellow music blogger TBeest has great previews of all days with lots of links to music and video's. Check out his previews for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And of course after the festival check back for the reviews. I will post them as soon as I've recovered so give it a few days.

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