Thursday 8 July 2010

Rock Werchter 2010 Day 1: Rough Start Glorious Ending

The worst part about a festival for me is getting there. Being stuck in traffic, loaded with all your luggage trying to find a spot to put up your tent. And no, I'm not a happy camper since I don't really like the camping bit. But of course all the music and good times make up for it plenty.

Rock Werchter Festival Werchter Belgium, Day 1 July 1 2010
Two of our friends found out that in the end they didn't get their tickets due to a failed payment and had to drop out. Then my sunglasses broke even before I got in the car (but usually they break anyway). When putting up our tent we broke a tent stick (eventually fixed it with our MacGyver skills). One of my friends realized he lost his camping wrist band somewhere when we just walked off the campsite ('No sorry sir, you're not allowed back on the camping ground without wrist band...'). Fortunately the girls found it again.

Finally when exchanging our drink ticket pre-sale vouchers they miscounted the tickets as I found out when I recounted them two meters from the booth ('No sorry sir we cannot give you the missing tickets since you walked away...'). But that was all well again too after going to the front desk for nothing and returning to the ticket office preparing for an argument that eventually didn't have to take place ('I think you were right after all sir...').

In the end beating the traffic by a somewhat illegal action, making it to the festival site before most of the 80.000 other people did, drinking our first beers, and being in time for the first band for the very first time in our Werchter history made up for it. Werchter 2010 was off!

Kyteman's Hiphop Orchestra (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
After playing every stage in The Netherlands Kyteman could now prove he's ready to take on the world. With his 22 person strong orchestra he treated us to a show full of soul, jazz, funk and hiphop like we're used of him. Maybe not a sold out Heineken Music Hall or Lowlands Alpha tent main stage performance but still very nice. What a way to start the day!

Skunk Anansie (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
Oh those Golden Years when I was in the prime of my youth and Skunk Anansie were one of the hardest rocking bands on stage. Well, they sure are back with a trip down memory lane playing their biggest hits. Although I like their up tempo songs best Skin proves she's still full of energy and can rock any main stage. I can't tell if they played any new songs but there is a new album on its way due in September.

Stereophonics (Ronald Says 6 out of 10)
Being in a rough period because of the death of their former band mate drummer Stuart Cable maybe played a part in the weak performance of Stereophonics. Fact was that they routinely worked their way through their set list full of hits. Singer Kelly Jones obviously didn't have any fun at it today and never being much of a talker ignored the crowd completely. Too bad for a band with many festival friendly songs.

Muse (Ronald Says 9 out of 10)
Fortunately Muse were there to close the day. A band I have seen many times and never seen play a weak set. This time was no exception. Although sizing their stage set down a lot compared to their full concerts they still brought plenty of visual spectacle and played a concentrated mind blowing set. Although I still don't really like the songs of their last album the older songs made up for it. Whether you like them or not they know how to please a festival crowd.

We decided not to stick around for Faithless to see if he could top it off and went for a few more drinks to close off a nice first day with lots of sunshine. Time to hit the sack and prepare for the tropical second day.

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