Sunday 15 August 2010

GoBackToTheZOO Launch Benny Blisto In Style

Not many bands have had this much exposure even before putting out an album. But after releasing a few successful singles and having their song 'Beam Me Up' in a Nike commercial this really set off the career of this band from Amsterdam. So it was time for an album and a proper release party.

GoBackToTheZOO release party at Westerunie Amsterdam, August 10 2010 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)
Westerunie is a great setting for a band like this. An old factory building that still breaths its industrial past but at the same time is an inspiring location to party. By the time the band took the stage it was a full house and the temperature had risen.

They kicked off with a few of their singles proving that they are capable of writing great catchy hit songs. Singer Cas Hieltjes isn't a brilliant vocalist but his voice is distinctive and he looks comfortable as a front man. The band is eager and is playing with lots of energy. They could use a bit more dynamics in their live performance. Now everything seems to go full force all the time. Later on when they have more songs to play this could make their songs sound alike too much. But they certainly are ready to take their album 'Benny Blisto' out there and blow the roof off every club and festival they are playing.

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