Friday 13 August 2010

Monster Magnet Doesn't Scare Anyone Anymore

Big sound with powerful guitar riffs, cool rockers with long hair that live the rock 'n roll life to the fullest. That's what I see thinking of Monster Magnet. So when I won tickets for this gig in the Melkweg (thanks to I was looking forward to a night of power rock that would blow me off my socks.

Monster Magnet at Melkweg Amsterdam, August 9 2010 (Ronald Says 5 out of 10)

First up were Karma To Burn that had already started when we arrived at the venue. This stoner rock band from the late 90s picked up where they left in 2002 around a year ago. They played great riffs and pounding drums mostly without vocals. I liked it but more songs with vocals would make it even better.

Next up was the big headliner Monster Magnet. And they sure got bigger literally with singer Dave Wyndorf putting up around 50 extra pounds. Unfortunately his performance also wore down and he didn't sound or look anything close to the rock god of the old days. Instead it looked painfully embarrassing to see the chubby front man struggle through their set. They played a few songs of their upcoming album 'Mastermind' and those sounded less powerful than their older songs. Even the big hits seemed to have lost their power although I still like 'Space Lord' a lot. Although the band sounded pretty good it was all looking pretty uninspired and obligatory. 20 years of rock 'n roll finally got to them I'm afraid.

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