Friday 17 September 2010

Soundgarden Release New Video For "Black Rain"

Slowly things are emerging for Soundgarden's comeback. After two reunion concerts they are gearing up for their retrospective release 'Telephantasm' that's due to come out on September 28. It includes the previous unreleased track 'Black Rain' from the Badmotorfinger recording sessions that already was released a while ago. Today they released a video to accompany the track. It shows the band in a spacy cartoon including some subtle advertising for the Guitar Hero game 'Warriors of Rock' that includes the 12 Telephantasm tracks as well. Check the video here:


  1. Mooi nummer, alleen jammer dat het een oud nummer is. Ik had liever nieuw materiaal gehoord. Hopen dat ze daar nog mee bezig gaan.

  2. Nieuw materiaal en een dikke tour het liefst!