Friday 19 November 2010

Therapy? Hell Yeah!

In 1994 the band from Northern-Ireland released their album 'Troublegum' which was received very well. It became a metal classic and has been their most successful album. To celebrate their 20th anniversary the band decided to play the entire album in some live shows. The Melkweg was one of the lucky clubs where they would be performing. And who am I to argue with that. You know I just really like those heavy rock performances!

Therapy? at Melkweg Amsterdam, November 16 2010 (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
Hardcore members singer and guitarist Andy Cairns and bass player Michael McKeegan have been there from the beginning while drummer Neil Cooper joined the band quite some time ago. The three piece band have no problem making themselves heard with their no nonsense metal songs. I've never seen this band in a poor performance and they must be one of the nicest people in the music industry. Like always they are full of energy and love every bit of it giving it all while they knock out the Troublegum songs one by one.

Even though the album's already over 15 years old it still hasn't lost its power. Songs like 'Nowhere', 'Trigger Inside' and Joy Division cover 'Isolation' are monumental metal tracks that withstood the test of time. And so does the band itself that sounds just as fresh and alive as the first time I saw them somewhere halfway the 90s.

Of course it isn't over when the band finishes playing the album. They leave the stage for a short while to play another set with songs spanning their big career ending in style with 'Teeth Grinder' like always. A new double CD live album entitled 'We're Here To The End' has just been released. Hopefully the end is still a long time from now.

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