Friday 26 November 2010

Triggerfinger's Irresistible Dance Moves

Triggerfinger is one of Belgium's hottest bands of the moment and for a good reason. With their catchy rock grooves they are hard to resist. Their live shows are becoming legendary and make them the best live band in the Benelux and maybe beyond. And that reputation is exactly what they tried to pass onto their third album.

Triggerfinger - All This Dancin' Around (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
So they headed to the Sound City Studios in LA, where big artists and bands like Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine and Ryan Adams recorded before. And why stop there? So they hired producer Greg Gordon who has worked with Oasis, Wolfmother and Slayer and who should be able to put "the loudest band in Antwerp" on a record that suits them.

And they did a good job. It has turned into their best record and probably represents best what Triggerfinger stands for today: a great rock band with killer grooves and a big sound. Where the first two records shifted into the highest gear most of the time this album has lots of variety. Singer Ruben Block can show all his faces: he screams, groans, teases and sings like his life depends on it while drummer Mario Goossens and bass player 'Monsieur' Paul van Bruystegem provide the songs with a tight and steady basis. These pumping, roaring bass and pounding drums are the heart of every Triggerfinger song.

The record starts off big immediately with the title track 'All This Dancin' Around' that sounds like Led Zeppelin meets Queens of the Stone Age. 'Love Lost In Love' has a different feel to it and sounds more restrained and in control. They even dare to take on Ray Charles' 'All Night Long' in a great version that sounds vile with tantalizing vocals. The song that best describes the record is 'My Baby's Got A Gun' that gradually builds up into an eight minute thundering rock anthem.

The record breaths sweat, oil, dusty roads and smoky bars with the smell of beer, all the necessary ingredients for a great rock album. Although their live shows are still a unique experience that really isn't that easy to put on a record this album comes close. I can't wait to hear them playing those songs live in December.

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