Wednesday 22 December 2010

De Dijk Keeps Out The Cold

Halfway December means Dutch band De Dijk is playing Paradiso. Like every year we go there with around 10 people to have a good time. And to forget about the cold and snow. Their cooperation with soul singer Solomon Burke ended in tragedy a few months ago but De Dijk are always good for a great time.

De Dijk in Paradiso Amsterdam, December 17 2010 (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)

Of course because I'm at their show every year I know I don't have to expect any surprises. Maybe they will perform a song they rarely play live but that's it. On the other hand you know this band will never let you down, good times guaranteed. And this time was nothing different so I can make this a short review. Just read my reviews of previous years over here and here. The band played tight, enjoyed themselves a lot and looked cheery on stage like they always do. You just got to experience it yourself to know what I mean. Same place and time next year. Enjoy the pictures.

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