Wednesday 29 December 2010

Explosive Album Presentation Triggerfinger

When Triggerfinger announced a while ago that they would play Paradiso to present their new album 'All This Dancin' Around' I immediately bought tickets. I've seen the "loudest band in Antwerp" a few times before and can't get enough of them. They always live up to their reputation of being the best live band in the Benelux. By the time December neared they had already sold out two nights in the Amsterdam rock temple and seem to sell out every other venue in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Triggerfinger at Paradiso Amsterdam, December 22 2010 (Ronald Says 9 out of 10)

All three members of the band are lined up on the stage showing that all of them are just as important. This is not just image but also the truth. Ruben Block is the charismatic front man with his recognizable voice and screaming guitar solos. Mario Goossens is the strong active drummer with solid and pounding grooves, that's so characteristic for their sound. 'Monsieur' Paul van Bruystegem is the big and quiet steady rock that holds it all together.

When they enter the stage singer Block is looking into the crowd with his piercing and prying eyes. He knows what's coming and that he will have the crowd at his feet before this night is over. The band kicks off and the rock 'n roll train starts running full force. And it doesn't stop anymore until the end. Triggerfinger is playing the crowd with irresistible energy. Block is moaning, howling and teasing while his guitar roars. Goossens is showing off his chops, stands up behind his kit now and then to fire up the crowd and is beating his drums like there's no tomorrow. Monsieur Paul's bass notes keep pushing the train forward while the relaxed giant is looking around approvingly.

Of course they play some songs of the new album which prove to work very well in a live show. Although the record came out in November it's striking to see how many people already know the words to all of them. Songs like title track 'All This Dancin' Around' and 'Cherry' have already become Triggerfinger classics. By this time the venue has reached boiling point and a small pit has formed in front of the stage. Sweaty bodies keep jumping to the irresistible grooves. By the end of the encore the crowd has climaxed into one satisfying orgasm.

Triggerfinger prove once more they are here to stay. With such a live act and great new album they are ready to take on the world. My last concert of the year sure closed 2010 with a bang.

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  1. Triggerfinger never disappoints!

    Hail hail, rock & rock!