Sunday 1 May 2011

New Band On The Block: City Reign

Having met at a Ryan Adams concert Chris Bull and Michael Grice teamed up and started playing and writing together. Bassist Michael Glaze and drummer Sam Jones joined them and they formed City Reign after the Ryan Adams song 'City Rain, City Streets'. They came up with their independent record label Car Boot Records and started recording songs. They now have released their second single 'Out In The Cold'.

The band from Manchester yet have to release a full album but are working hard on recording songs. Looking at their website and Facebook page it's clear the guys mean serious business. The songs that are available for listening sound catchy with jumpy The Strokes like guitar lines. With clear vocals and happy melodies all ingredients are in place to make it as a next generation indie rock band. But they probably need to add a little more to be able to stick out and to sound better than any other average indie band out there looking for fame.

It will be interesting to see if this band can manage to come up with a noteworthy full length album. The few songs that are out sound promising enough. Maybe they will eventually break out of the local Manchester scene and take on the UK. Time will tell if we ever get to see more of them over here on the mainland.

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