Tuesday 1 November 2011

Black Box Revelation Are Thinking Big

A few weeks ago Black Box Revelation, a Belgian duo, released their third album My Perception. It has been recorded in the USA and they were even able to hire Alain Johannes as a producer. It's clear they are aiming to conquer the USA as well with their blues/rock sound. It makes sense to compare them to The Black Keys who in the same set-up play similar music. Black Box Revelation are a bit more rough around the edges though. It finally was time for their postponed show 5 months later and to hear the new songs.

Black Box Revelation at Melkweg Amsterdam, October 26 2011 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)

But first we were going to check out support act Automatic Sam. I listened to some of their music before the gig and was interested in seeing them play. They didn't disappoint a bit. The band played their hard rocking songs with heavy grooves convincingly. Good honest garage rock crafted from granite with stoner influences. I will definitely follow them more closely from now on.

By the time the main course is ready to be served, the small venue has filled up nicely. The sound is good and the duo is looking focused. The new songs aren't that different from the older material. They are nicely mixed throughout the set. Although they are only with two musicians the songs and sound never gets thin.

Drummer Dries Van Dijck has a large sized drum set and produces a big sound with his heavy grooves. Singer/guitarist Jan Paternoster has several amps to create a wall of guitar sound. It all soungs nice and rough. But sometimes the songs sound alike a lot, which causes the set not to have enough variation. They play a long encore that's the most interesting part of the set. Here the songs do have more variation and it immediately makes it more exciting. It's going to be interesting to see if they can make it internationally.

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1.Mad House
2.Rattle My Heart
4.Gravity Blues
5.I Don't Want It
6.High On A Wire
7.You Got Me on My Knees
8.I Think I Like You
9.Never Alone / Always Together
10.White unicorns
13.My perception
14.Sealed with thorns
15.My Girl
16.Do I Know You
17.Sleep While Moving
18.Love Licks
19.Set Your Head On Fire

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