Wednesday 9 November 2011

City Reign Cross Canal With New EP

Half a year ago I wrote about City Reign from Manchester. Their catchy britpop songs sounded promising. They released a few singles and now have an EP out called Numbers Of Street Names. And they even were visiting Amsterdam to present it!

So we headed to a small bar called CC Muziekcafe. It's a small place but it looks nice and cosy. The narrow bar has a stage at the back where the band will play. There's a pleasant atmosphere and we hear people talking English. It turns out some members of their family live in Amsterdam and some even travelled here to see them play.

At the front of the bar, furthest away from the stage, the sound isn't too good. When we move further up front later on it's much better. The band play well, their sound is full and they leave a good impression. The songs are convincing and have enough potential. You can tell the band are serious about their music and already have a professional approach. This is also clear from their website that looks great. At the end of the night I get their new EP. The five songs show too there's enough potential in the band and their music. Songs like 'The Line' and 'Out In The Cold' are great tracks that sound appealing and have good hooks. The only thing missing is some help and experience with producing their music, which could make it even better.

City Reign may just have what it takes to grow into a big band. They certainly have the right attitude and approach. If they can find some experienced people to help them produce their music and get to the next level we may hear a lot more from them in the future. And then maybe we'll see them back in Amsterdam on a festival like London Calling in a short while.

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