Tuesday 13 November 2012

Bombay Show Pig Impress With Convincing Penguin-Friendly Rock Show

After the Alabama Shakes show we're lucky to to catch almost most of Bombay Show Pig's show upstairs in the small hall. When we get there they have only just started. Earlier this year the duo released one of the most surprising records in our country this year, Vulture/Provider. This night just keeps getting better.

Bombay Show Pig at Paradiso Amsterdam, November 8 2012

When you listen to their music it's hard to believe it's only two people creating this much noise. Samples, loops and other effects are used in a smart way. Drum player Linda van Leeuwen is occasionally throwing in some keyboards to spice up the music. This way the firm rock songs are built up from layers and sound full. It enable Mathias Janmaat to play his creative riffs and on top of van Leeuwen´s heavy grooves. Somehow he also manages to play bass lines with pedals and loops at the same time.

With a tight setlist that keeps the tempo high, the crowd stays focused. The small hall has filled up nicely, maybe also with a few people who, like us, came here after the show downstairs. Unfortunately I missed the song 'Fingerprint', where Joppe Molenaar is playing the drums, dressed in a penguin suite like he does in the 'Sancho Panza' video. But Molenaar, who's the respected drummer for Dutch alternative bands Voicst and Bettie Serveert when not dressed up as a penguin, is more than willing to get his picture taken with me afterwards.

It's clear the duo has played a lot this year. The songs are tight and both are well attuned to each other. Strong songs like 'Stuck In My State Of Mind', 'Shackles And Chains' and 'Sancho Panza' prove that they are able to come up with catchy crowd pleasers. When the show is over there's even another surprise. Van Leeuwen and Janmaat play two more acoustic songs at the merchandise table in the back. Accompanying images of the album's artwork artist are shown on an overhead projector (old school!). I'm pretty sure they have won over many people tonight, maybe even some of the Alabama Shakes fans.

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